Thursday, September 17, 2009

Special Announcement: A Thousand Generations

So last Friday, I let you know that I’d be making a special announcement today. Well here it is.

I’ve been very excited over the summer to follow the development of a new MMORPG called The Old Republic as it was demoed at the various conventions like Penny Arcade Expo and Electronic Entertain Expo. It’s being made by LucasArts/BioWare and published by EA.

I have wanted, on a couple of occasions, to blog about the new game. I never did, other than a small post when I first heard about the game. I don't feel it's appropiate for me to talk about TOR in this space, and let me explain why.

Now this is my site and I can and have talked about just about whatever I've wanted to in the past. I fully expect Blizzard and Bioware to have an intense competition for subscribers once TOR is Live. This site is linked directly off the main Blizzard site. I didn’t feel it would appropriate for someone to follow that link off of Blizzard's site and then discover a blog basically advertising the competition.

So, I’ve decided to launch a new blog called “A Thousand Generations”. You can see the new blog here ( Since the game is still in development, I won’t be updating as often.

In addition, I’ve become part of the Darth Hater team. Darth Hater is probably THE premier fan blog for The Old Republic right now. Think of it as kind of a World of Matticus or Big Hit Box for TOR. There are several authors who all contribute to the site.

And never fear, I’ll still be writing here at HonorsCode about my continuing adventures in World of Warcraft. This site will actually get updated much more frequently as it's kind of hard to write about a game that's not even in Friends and Family Alpha yet.


David said...

Cool! I too am very excited about the game. I look forward to your knew blog!

Grimadin said...

Nice to see other people I know interested in this game. I am far too much of a Star Wars fanboy to not be excited at the prospect of another Star Wars MMO. Hopefully this one will be better then the last one, even though I played it faithfully for far too long.

Rhii said...

Very cool! I'm pretty interested in the game as well, although with all the hours I have in WoW, it'll have to be pretty incredible to pull me away, and I don't really have time to play two intensely.

But I'll definitely be adding your new blog to my reader. Can't have too many blogs to read... oh wait, I already do... :P

Superia said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile and have enjoyed all of your posts, even though you're Prot and a member of the Alliance at heart. :)

As a huge Star Wars nerd, I greatly look forward to not only continuing to follow your Adventures in Azeroth, but also read about your take on TOR, which I CANNOT wait for!

Keep up the great work!