Friday, September 25, 2009

You Killed Jarraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion

Thursday we returned to Heroic ToC10 where we had been making some slow progress. The first week we got past the Beast, but wiped on Jaraxxus at about 80%. The following week, we got him down to about 65%. Our best attempt the week after had been a 25% wipe.

This week we had our first one shot of the Beasts and I scored some sexy bracers.

Jarraxxus has got to be one of the most frantic fights I've ever tanked. We put Boston on Jarraxxus and I handle add control. Our first test is whether or not we get the portal down with just one Maiden spawning. Two usually meant a wipe. Then the Infernals came out. You might say the whole fight kicks it up a notch. The first infernal spawned at pretty much the same moment as the volcano. Usually a Judgment and a Shield slap got it pretty good. Then the next Infernal, I used Hand of Reckoning. For the third Infernal, all I had left was Righteous Defense. I had to hope the Infernal wasn't targeting Boston or I'd get Jarraxxus taunted as well as the Infernal.

Then the Infernals got on a roll and planted themselves right next to one of our dps or healers and started AoEing. That was usually the point where DPS would pull aggro. I wasn't too excited about the 2pc T9 bonus when I saw it on MMO-Champion, but I freaking LOVE it for getting those Infernals and Sisters back under control.

We were close to calling it, but decided to make a couple of more pulls. On the next pull we got through a Portal and Infernal rotation with everyone still standing (a battle rez helped a bit). But we messed up the next Portal. We knew if we could just get through two rotations, we had a shot. On the next pull, we got 2 Maidens and it was an early wipe.

Undaunted, we tried again. We made it through the portal. DPS did a fantatic job on the volcano and we only got 2 Infernals. Boston moved Jarraxxus around to get away from fires and helped alert me to where the next portal would spawn. We got the portal down with just 1 Maiden. The volcano stage was nuts.

It was sort of like a car accident. There were all these parts moving around, I think at one point I may have been facing the wrong direction. But when I finally looked up and caught my breath, we had 10 raiders alive and well. We got through another Maiden and pushed Jarraxxus into Execute range. Boston made the call to stay on the boss and ignore the next Volcano. I started gathering up Infernals as Jarraxxus died. There was much celebrating over vent.

We made a couple of pulls on Faction Champs, and those guys gave us a wedgie and stole our lunch money. It wasn't pretty.

Regardless, it had been a great night. Everyone did a fanstic job. We're now 2/5 in Heroic ToC.


Adlib said...

Awesome job! You guys are really rockin' it, and that's great! I've been in 10m heroic, and it's tough stuff! We're a 25m raiding guild, but we have problems on heroic in both modes so my hat is off to you! Go, Honors!

Anonymous said...

Lol.... thanks for the post. It's the type of fight you realize that anyone can die in a fight but really deserve credit for helping make it to the end.