Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chilling Therorycraft

There are simply some people in the world you listen to on certain matters. When it comes to deep Tankadin theorycraft, the person I listen to the most is Theck of Blackrock.

The guy is a math genius, but he also knows how to unpack his findings and make them understandable to meatshields like me.

He did a lot of math, made some really cool looking charts, and then he unpacked his findings.

I give you now Theck, Bringer of Numbers and Pounding Headaches

So to tally it up:

* The value of avoidance is unchanged in terms of raw rating->% conversion
* The value of dodge is unchanged relative to parry in all reasonable circumstances
* The value of avoidance for reducing total damage intake is weaker, because we're effectively hitting DR earlier than we would be in the absence of IR.
* The value of avoidance for reducing spike damage events (i.e. N consecutive hits) is noticeably increased, by more than a factor of 2 for N=2 (0.49% per point at 60% avoidance compared to 1.1% per point at 40% avoidance), and even higher for N>2

I'd say GC was pretty spot-on with his assessment that if you liked stamina before, you'll like stamina after, and if you liked avoidance before, you'll still like avoidance after.

( page 9)

Another one of the top MainTankadin posters, Wrathy, put it this way

With the current information we have, your gearing philosophies and methodology will not change with Chill of the Throne, only your avoidance in the raid zone will.

Wrathy also has a really good blog that you should check out.

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I also defer to Theckhd, thanks for that repost.