Friday, October 9, 2009

Honors Stats

The Armory only provides unbuffed stats, which is a nice starting point, but I wanted to see what my Raid buffed stats are. Depending on our group composition and resultant buffs, my health runs anywhere from 40k to 45k fully buffed.When the Libram of Valiance procs, the Dodge rate goes to about 30%. Still with the natural 5% miss from Bosses and some Miss from Defense, I'm well over 50% avoidance.

The Armory also doesn't give you your Block Value, and I was curious what my Raid buffed block value was.So around 2k is a good approximate for my Block Value. I don't particularly seek out or gear for Block Value, so that's 2k without really looking for it.

So you might be asking what gear I'm actually wearing.

Dreadscale Bracers (Heroic)
Clutch of Fortification
Libram of Valiance
Endurance of the Infernal
Sunreaver Defenders Pauldrons
Loop of the Twin Valkyrs
T9 Chest
T9 Gloves
T9 Legs
Aegis of the Coliseum
Tier 8.25 Helm (Conqueror's Aegis Faceguard)
Saronite Animus Cloak
Stormtempered Girdle
Furance Stone
Monarch Crab

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