Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lousy Loot Luck

I've tried to explain to people that I have bad loot luck. I think it took my buddy Grim running with me in Normal Trial of the Champion over a dozen times with no Black Heart for him to get a clue.

But I think our Onyxia run really demonstrates my lousy loot luck.

That's two, count them two, Judgement Covers. The Judgement Cover is the Holy version of the Judgement Helm that drops from Onyxia. Of course, I was the only Paladin in the raid. So I now have my healing helm from Ony.
This is really how loot worked at Level 60, and you have 40 people to try to get their Tier sets. Thank Blizzard for Tokens.


Icarus said...

I feel your pain... Im still tanking with a staff from naxx 10

Hulan said...

We got 2 mage hats last week and we only had 1 mage in the raid and her hat was better :\ Tokens are definitely a better way! I have a friend who has the lousiest luck I've ever seen on his hunter. He ran Scholo for almost 2 years and never got the Ancient Bone Bow, all the warriors and the rogues had it but he never saw it drop. One day when we were out questing together a green item dropped - we both hit greed and I rolled 3, I was laughing and said he'd have to beat that and he rolled 1!!! Thankfully his bad luck seems confined to his hunter :D

Smashie said...

Congrats on your helm! Even bad loot luck can't compete with the luck of being defaulted an upgrade :D

Forreststump said...

Ah, but Blizzard has been keeping the 40-man loot pain alive via the Vault of Archavon, with specific items dropping rather than tokens. I haven't seen a piece of Resto druid gear in literally months.

Dorgol said...

Yeah, loot rolls are no fun.

Last day of Brewfest, I did a normal 5 summons. 2 rams drop, I lose the roll on both (through the 2 weeks, I lost the roll on 3 Kodos as well).

In the last two weeks of Vault I have seen the Mammoth drop twice, no love.

ToC25 PUG last night the mace drops from Anub'arak. I lose the roll.

At the same time, I get lots of upgrade just because I'm the only Holy Paladin in our raids. I have a chestpiece, leggings, bracers, belt, and shield from ToC25. In my ToC10 PUGs I have recieved 4 pieces of Ret gear because the other plate wearers have better.

Oh, and the mount drops annoy me the most because I'm at 91 mounts - shooting for 100. And I'm going to HAVE to get 1 or 2 rare drop mounts to get there.

Ard The Paladin said...

Question on my mind is: did you get that Sword?! I'm struggling to upgrade my ret weapon (currently Stormedge from Uld 10) however my guild run quite melee heavy - DK's, arms/fury warriors. so I have very little shots at good 2handers.

Ooke said...

that's me and VoA. All I was missing was a pair of pants off of Emalon and the only time I've seen it was when I was on another character.

A couple weeks back on 25 Koralon two sets of healing pants dropped and I was the only one of that class in the whole raid.