Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Shout Out

This is going to be kind of a quick post.

First off, I'm working on the UI guide which should be finished this week. From a single post, it's grown into a 3 post series. I'm going to have to coin my own term like Big Bear Butt did with Bearwalls.

Round Table

Friday night, I made it home in time from an absolutely wonderful Anniversary night out with Mrs.Hammer to join up with Nibuca, Fimlys, Matticus of World of Matticus, Stoneybaby of Big Hit Box, Graylo of Gray Matter, and Saresa of Destructive Reach.

We had a fantastic time discussing some of the changes that happened in 3.1 and 3.2, as well as discussing what's coming up in 3.3.

I came away very impressed with the other members of the panel. They are as intelligent and well spoken in person as they are in their writing. Matticus reminded me a lot of Grant Imahara, and I absolutely loved listening to Saresa's accent.

Stoneybaby made great points throughout the discussion and I came away from the round table even more impressed with him than I had been reading his blog which is very well done in it's own right.

I'm sure Twisted Nether will have the round table up as a Podcast so you can listen to it, and you can bet your Symbols of Kings I'll have a link to it once it's up.

Link Love

Speaking of links, GravityDK, who strangely enough writes a blog about Death Knight tanks called pwnwear, has a fantastic post up today detailing how to deal with the tougher bosses in Heroic Violet Hold. It's a great read.

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