Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Game Man

So Gravity over at pwnwear asked a question in his blog, and I'd like to address it here. He wrote a post about whether or not you play games other than WoW.

I wondered, how unusual am I? The best comparison would be to others in my circumstance: married with kids and a responsible job, do you play other games with any seriousness?

I'm in a similar circumstance to Gravity. I'm married with kids, and have a full time job. My daughter is a 4th grader so we have all kinds of extra cirrciular activities she's involved in like Soccer, Band, and Awana.

I've been playing WoW for over 4 years now. In that time I haven't really played any other games with any kind of seriousness.

Now occasionally, I'll fire up an old game I have like Civilization IV or Knights of the Old Republic. It's like visiting an old friend for a while and those games are still fun even years after their release. I still fire up Madden 2008. Actually I would have kept playing and buying the new Madden every single year, but EA decided to stop making Madden for the PC. I guess they decided they didn't need my money anymore.

I play around a little bit with Warcraft 3 and Starcraft, but I'm so behind on those games that I just get dominated on Battlenet so I don't play them much anymore.

I'm pretty much a One Game Man these days. That may change in 2010, but we'll just have to wait and see.


Tonab Shin said...

I would be playing Fifa 10 on my lappy, but with all the graphics on full it looks too animated. I'm a student @ uni and I really don't have time to play WoW and other games ontop of work to be done. And its best to be serious in one game then mediocre in several isn't it?

Gravity said...

It is an interesting question to reflect on, isn't it. Nice to hear your side too. My daughter is 7, son 4.

Eric said...

I used to be a big time gamer, playing on multiple consoles. These days being married with two kids and holding down a real job, I have a very limited supply of free time. So, I have WOW budgeted in a couple night a week for raiding. Couple nights dedicated to my family and friends. Then, if by some strange means I have some extra time, I like to read.