Friday, January 15, 2010

Apparently I'm Quite Good at Sucking

We burned through the Lower Spire bosses pretty quickly last night and ported up to the Upper Spire. The first trash pull of the Val'ykr was where the fun began.

Epic Trash

Boston (Blood DK) pulled and I hung back to gather the 'copies' the Val'kyr made. The person who gets copied is random, but they seem to have a normal aggro table. While I'm fighting one of the copies, I hear Boston say "Uh-oh" on vent. This is generally not something you want to here out of your Raid Leader. What had happened was that the second Val'kyr had pulled with the first. We know had both Val'kyr and they opened up a FedEX/Kinkos on us. Suddenly, copies were everywhere.

I learned a couple of things in the epic struggle that ensued. When a character gets copied, it looks like it ignores spec. These are 0/0/0 copies. So our Boomkin's copy went Feral and my copy started pushing out Flash of Lights. Hunter copies have Disengage and use it pretty much on cooldown. Rogues have all their lovely stuns and use them. Then the Val'kyrs have an attack called Focused Target which stuns someone for 30 seconds. That's annoying as anything to get on you. I don't know how, but somehow we survived, but with heavy casualties, over half the raid was dead.

We cleared up to Festergut. As soon as he did his first Pugent Blight, we lost half the raid. I have no idea what happened. We grouped and pulled again. This time everything went just like we planned and we killed him.


We quickly cleared over to Rotface. It would be interesting to see if last week's kill was a fluke or repeatable. Our fist attempt went pretty well, but fell apart towards the end. We decided to go from 3 healing it to 2 healing it, and have our Boomkin switch back to his primary spec and DPS. We did better that pull, but we still lost it. At the point he starts throwing out infections every 6 seconds we would get two.

One change we made was to have Blackhaus (Disc/Holy Priest) switch the kind of dispel he uses. He normally uses a dispel that stays on the person and keeps dispelling them. If you do that on Rotface, and the person who just had the infection gets it again, the spell will cleanse them on its own and you'll like have two Little Oozes out and get two Big Oozes. We couldn't survive two Big Oozes up. He switched to what he called his 'single target dispel.' I know almost nothing about Priests and their spells, but hopefully that helps some.

It took a couple more attempts, but eventually we got him again. Another discovery we made was that his timer seems to reset. After you get four Infections at 6 seconds each, he resets to 14 seconds each. It gave our raid time to catch its breath and catch up. If we could survive the 30 seconds where he's throwing them out every 6 seconds, we were going to get the kill.

Professor Putricide

We opened up Putricides room and rode out the bug swarm. They do basically no damage so I'm not sure what the point was.

We used the same set up as last time, but Boston was having an issue controlling the Abom. The 'Eat Slime' button refused to light up for him. When he tried to use it, he got a 'Spell can not be used at this time' error. We also discovered that if you cleanse the person in the Abom, they lose the vehicle. Decursive will show them as needing a cleanse, don't do it. After two unsuccessful attempts, Boston suggested we switch roles.

Taking the Wheel

The way we pull Putricide is to have the Putricide Tank, Boston now, stand at the south side of the room. Our Hunter ran in and misdirected Putrucide to his Tank. I ran in just behind the hunter and made a beeline for the table. Blackhaus put something on me that made me run super fast. I drank the potion and badaboom, badabing, I'm an Abom. I ambled over to the first slime pool and tried to eat it. Donk (Arcane Mage) had discovered that you have to stand in the slime puddle in order to suck it up. Sucking up the slime puddle gives the Abom energy which powers his spell. My first time driving the Abom, I thought the nuke needed 40 energy, but it needed 50. Next attempt, I was ready with 50 energy and nailed the slimeball as it formed.

With the Abom working to debuff the slimeballs, we were able to get them down. Apparently, I'm quite good at sucking...up slime...when driving the Abom. In addition to slowing them down the debuff from the Abom increases the damage they take. For the first time we got to see Phase 2. Progress, my friends, progress. Everyone gets stunned, including the abom and any Gas Clouds or Slimes that were out. However, the Gas Clouds timer is still ticking so it will change targets during the Phase change. We weren't prepared for this and Stark (Resto Shaman) ended up dying from it.

I learned you have to be careful when sucking up the slime. If you do it too quickly the pool will disappear before you have gathered enough energy. If you do it too slowly, the room will get covered in slime and it will make it harder on the kiters and the healers. No one wants that. Also the Abom takes damage from standing in the slime, but he can be healed by our healers.

We continued to progress, but our best attempt was only about 65%. We don't have many more attempts left this week, but hopefully we can continue to make progress and head for a kill.


Karatheya said...

The priest spell is "Cure Disease" vs "Abolish Disease", and the technique should be familiar to anyone who's done Grobbulus, where it can cause similar problems. Someone can get cleansed of an infection, then get hit by another while running back in, have Abolish Disease tick and drop a poison cloud in the middle of the raid.

Druids have a similar issue with their cleanse/abolish poison spell, though not on this fight.

apokteino said...

The key to the whole fight is basically transitioning to the next phase at the right time. You don't want to have an add up (or on the verge of forming) or things go bad quickly.

Other than that p1 and p2 are basically a lot of tank on one side of the room -> kill add -> tank boss to the other side of the room -> kill the other add. Take this and do it like 10 times and you hit p3.

Make sure all the slime puddles are gone when you transition to p3 and burn hero off the bat. Kite in a big circle and collect loot. Really a pretty fun fight all around.

Anonymous said...

one suggestion I would make is not to have the hunter use MD. Just have boston hug the left wall all the way to the boss and body pull, tank him where he pulls until a slime pool forms and then continue to the spot all the way in the corner. That will give you an additional slime pool to work with so you can debuff the first ooze add.

Wankster of Magtheridon

Wrathy said...

A few more things that helped us. Now ironcially enough I have killed him in 25 man but not 10 so I hope this carries over, but our other 10 man one shot him this week so I assume it does.

First, the oozes spawn and have about 4 seconds before they target anyone, your ranged should be plowing away at them before the ooze selects a target. This gives you a considerable lead on killing it. Also, we found that tanking him under the orange orb for the green slime was beneficial, however for the orang slime, we tanked him right in the middle of the room. This gave us more time on target.

Good luck with the rest of your attempts and get ready for P3, its a DOOSEY!