Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations Saints

You might have heard a football game was played last night. Congratulations to the Saints and their fans. I hope one day my Panthers allow me to feel how all Saints fans must feel this morning.

The leader of the Saints is Drew Bress, a quarterback has been told his whole life he's too short to play the position. He was dumped by his old team and signed with the Saints four years ago. This interview with Drew Brees may give some insight into the character of the man who led his team to winning the Super Bowl.

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Brian Inman said...

I was really impressed with Drew Brees with some of the interviews I saw on the Superbowl pre-game show.

The guy has alot of class, and heart. The Superbowl win definitely went to the right team.

I am so sick of the Mannings. They are so commercialized I can barely stand it any more these days.