Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Sindragosa

Our intrepid band returned to Ice Crown Citadel Monday night determined to face down the mother of all Frost Wyrms, Sindragosa.

We started by taking the elevator down to her room. I had bad flashbacks of the Serpent Shrine Cavern 'Elevator Boss' as the elevator flew down, but fortunately no one died. Our resident explorer and Warlock extraordinaire, Neo, warned us to not go into the room. We found out why quickly. Spiders descended down on webs and engaged us. As we were fighting them, smaller spiders would come down and join them. Once we got the big spiders down, a group of Vrykul came and attacked us, followed by more spiders. You know, after tanking the Adds in Heroic ToC, I've really had my fill of spiders. I'd like to take a tactical nuke to the entire Nerubian Kingdom. We eventually just ran out of the room and out onto Sindragosa's ledge. We cleared the first trash pack and Rimefang landed. We cleared the second trash pack and Spinebraker landed. We opted for Rimefang first. He had a Frost Damage Aura and did the same kind of things he does in the Pit of Saron with throwing ice on a spot on the ground. Then we pulled Spinebreaker. He has a nasty cleave and a fear. So you get feared, and because you didn't roll a Warrior, your DPS gets cleaved. Warriors can Bezerker Rage out of the Fear, and keep Spinebreaker positioned. The Cleave isn't deadly to melee DPS or at least it wasn't to our group.

As soon as Spinebraker hit the dirt, Sindragosa came flying in and immediately aggroed. "Will you look at the size of that thing!" This had to be the biggest dragon I've ever seen in the World (of Warcraft).

Sindragosa is unfortunately a fight that is very hard on people with higher latency. At certain points she pulls everyone to her and then does a big Frost damage explosion. If you are slow getting away or your latency shows you somewhere where you aren't, you can get killed. Several of our team struggled with that during the attempts.

We decided to wear some Frost Resist for the fight, so I had my 'Hodir' set with the Icebane Chest, Belt and Boots. It did mean that my threat generation was a little lower than normal and we lost one attempt to our DPS warrior pulling and getting the raid cleaved. Unlike Spinebreaker, Sindragosa cleave will one shot your non Tanks.

But the most difficult part of Phase 1 was managing the Ice Blocks. Like Sapphiron, two people get picked to be turned into Ice Blocks, only this time you have to break them out. But you need the Ice Blocks to shield you from the Frost Bombs she's dropping. You have to position yourself with the Ice Block between where you are and where and the Frost Bomb will drop while doing 'Goldilocks' DPS. Not too much, or you'll break the block early and leave everyone scrambling for the other Ice Block. Not too little, or you'll lose precious DPS time on Sindragosa while she's on the ground. Goldilocks means 'just right'.

Sindragosa is an execution fight and it took us a while to learn the execution. It took several attempts for us to finally see a Phase 3, and on that attempt we hit her Enrage timer. We need to get better at Phase 1 and 2 so we can get more time at practicing Phase 3.

I feel like it's a fight we can get once we learn it. Now that she is our target we'll really focus on her until she's down.


Pippet said...

My 10man team just got this down. If you have a hunter, they can put on Aspect of the Pack for when you have to run from her (you won't get dazed). It made a difference of somewhere around 10yrds further, I believe. That might help the people with latency if it is available.

Also, phase 3 is the fun part, enjoy!

Saif said...

Phase 1 and air phase get old really fast when you're learning Phase 2 at 35%.

Tank swaps are fun. Just try to keep the beacons out where DPS can get to 'em quickly and burn 'em down without having 2 up, and make sure it's out of the way enough so as not to chain-tomb people. That a-way lie wipes.

Good luck! :)