Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing with Professor P

With Blood Queen Lanathel soundly defeated, Professor P was the next Wing Boss we set our sites on. Our last time fighting him I felt like our team was really starting to get a hang on the strategy, but we stopped the raid short to go finish off Heroic Anub in ToC.

Now we were back and ready to devote our full attention to the good Professor. Boston (Blood DK Tank) took over driving the Abomination and I took Professor Putricide. We had made a slight alteration to our game plan. Instead of kiting Professor P all over the room, we stayed on the side where the first Add would spawn. Our Priest, Blackhaus, decided to go Holy for these attempts. We used his Lightwell to mark where the first add would spawn. No one was to stand there so we wouldn't get any slime pools there.

We pretty much own Phase 1. We could do that in our sleep. Phase 2 is where it gets interesting. Somewhere in Phase 2 we get behind on the Abom eating the Slime Pools and our DPS gets hit from a nasty hit debuff that makes all our melee DPS specials miss, and Maleable Goo making our casters DPS take a hit.

We finally broke through and got to Phase 3, but the transition was sloppy. We still had an Add up when we transitioned, and by the time we got in our rythym on Phase 3 we were behind. He was at about 18% before we lost a Tank and he healed up.

For some reason right after a really good attempt, our group tends to throw up a brick and we wiped early in Phase 2. Nevertheless, we regrouped and went after him again. This time we pushed in Phase 3 in much better shape, but we started losing DPS and were turned away once more. Boston and I talked about changing our strategy for sharing the debuff. This debuff does damage to your raid. The more stacks you have the more damage you are doing, and it's got a long timer so it's not falling off. Originally we were letting me get to 5 stacks, then having Boston go to 5 stacks, and then we were toast. This time we started switching off at 3 stacks. It was really tight at the end, but we managed to get Professor P down before the damage overwhelmed our overworked healers.
That's two Wing bosses down, and 10 total bosses defeated in Ice Crown Citadel. Only Sindragosa remains before we face down Arthas himself. I've done a fairly good job of avoiding finding out what happens in the Arthas fight (and more importantly AFTER the Arthas fight). I'm hoping the stategy guides won't give away too much of the RP and story.

Now our focus switches to Sindragosa.


Adgamorix said...

Congratulations! My crib sheet (should be up today) doesn't include anything that would be considered a "spoiler" - Good luck on him - quite an amazing fight.

Anonymous said...

A quick tip, if you transition with an ooze up, your rogue can vanish out of the stun and go all out on ooze without having to worry about being targeted until after the transition ends.

Wankster of Magtheridon

Wrathy said...

Yeah honors, if you want some tips, I am not much of a lore fan myself, and never include any of it in there. I would be more than happy to give you a run down, and help out with any issues you may be running into.

Crofe said...

Nice work. One of our ten man groups is right where you are at as well. Our 25man team is working on Putricide and we're getting *very* close (3%). They may have even gotten him last night when I wasn't there.