Friday, February 5, 2010

PS: Paladin Tanks Nerfed In Hot Fix

I put my thoughts in an article on Paladin Schmaladin. Here's the net-net.

In the end, I don't think this will have much effect on us. Some of us won't have 40k unbuffed HP anymore, but that's more an 'epeen' thing than anything else. Paladins have tanked successfully with the deck stacked far more against us than it is now, even with this small nerf. Generally, Tanks have not been the bottleneck to any of the fights so far. Maybe that will change in hard modes, but raids are wiping more to execution and learning errors, than class mechanics.

For me personally, Boston (my co-Tank) seems to prefer Blood so the buff will be very nice for him. It's not like we told him to lol go DPS when DKs got nerfed hard in whichever patch it was, maybe 3.1. I have every confidence I'll be tanking on Monday night. Well except for Dreamwalker who I've been lobbying to be Holy for because dropping huge Holy Light bombs on her sounds like fun.

Once the emotion wears off, we'll adapt. All Paladins really ask for from the Devs is to give us the tools to do our job, a short cooldown interrupt would be nice.

What all tanks want is the game to be balanced so that our raids don't have a worse chance of downing the boss just because we are Class: Foo instead instead of Class: Woo.


Capn Skillet said...

I only found out about this earlier today. I was wondering why I felt like I had less health last night in the 5-man heroics I was doing. We cancelled our ICC raid due to terrible server lag or I might have noticed it more.

To be honest, I was feeling like I had a crazy amount of health, even getting close my feral druid co-tank. My gearscore is slightly less than yours, but how much lower is your health now than before in 10-mans?

Honors Code said...

We had more HP buffs than we usually do based on our 10 man set up so I actually had more health than normal.

Grimadin said...

I noticed a slight difference last night and thought I was losing it. But as you said it wasn't enough to make or break a raid. With sanc up and one stam trinket I think I have 45k and with 2 stam about 47.5k or something like that. If this is the only nerf we take for a while, I will live with it, with a smile. The roller coaster ride can be a little much, and I would like to finish this patch without having to entirely rework my toon again.

Therigwin said...

My only upset is that they hotfixed during prime playing time last night.

It lagged our older server so bad that it was taking minutes to loot things, kill things, etc.

I don't mind the nerf, cause I have gotten used to them.

I do mind poor IT practices where you impact your customers by applying hot fixes out side of a standard change window. (There change window is established to be Tuesdays)

I know if I did such a thing at my job, I would be disciplined up to including being let go.

Lakini said...

Pfft. . take my healing spot on Dreamwalker? Only if you heal on the Blood Queen

Anonymous said...

I lost 1.9k hp in the middle of tanking marrow in 25 icc..I stopped the raid after the kill to try and figure out why lol

I just hit 51k hp with no stam trinkets raid buffed../sigh back to wearing the black heart


What's my main Again? said...

The MT pally in my 10 man's was out this week and instead we had a ret pally go prot. There was a lot of confusion when he suddenly lost 1.3k health between encounters. As a prot warrior I'm happy about this change because it puts us on equal footing with everyone but bear tanks. I do agree though... a solid interrupt for pallies would be nice especially one off the GCD.

Dharmabhum said...

Definitely do what you can to go Holy for Dreamwalker! Its a ridiculously fun fight as a healer, and if you happen to run with a holy priest, have them toss on Guardian Spirit (every 60 seconds with glyph!) for some crazy numbers!