Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What In the World Is Going On?

As most of you know I am a Christian. For those of you who do not know, I never said I was a very good one. I am a human being with faults and failures just like you. I have big issues and I have small ones. I am not a “holy roller” nor am I a “bible thumper” I just try to live my life by the example of Jesus Christ’s life.

You must be saying, OK Honors what are you getting at? The point is today I feel like I need to make share some of my thoughts with you on what is going on in the world. Many people I’ve played WoW with I consider to be friends. Some are still Alliance side on AoS, some have moved on to different servers, and some fill my raid frames each night. I think of them all as friends, and I believe some of them still read my blog. Even though I’ve never met any of you face to face, I care about each and every one of you. It's why I wrote my Leveling Guide that sort of put Honor's Code on the map. It's why I continue to write guides and helpful articles. I don't get paid at all for doing this. I do it because I care enough about my readers to want to share some information with them that might make their time in game a little more fun, and help them be better at what they love doing, Paladin tanking. Now I want to share some information of a different kind, because I don't feel like I could honestly say I care about my readers if I didn't say what's on my mind today.

Whether you believe it or not, I know there is a God. I believe that every word He said was true. I have been reading my Bible. Some days I apply it to my life, and like I said earlier, I am not a very good Christian, so some days I do not apply it to my life. If I've ever been a jerk to you, that was one of those days I didn't apply it, and I apologize. Lately, I have been watching the news and listening to the broadcasters talk. Then it hit me, they’re not saying anything different than what I have been reading.

Let me explain. The Bible says that Jesus came to give his life on a cross for our sins so that we could be with him in heaven when our life is over. It also states that he is coming again. I know all of this is hard to believe, that’s why the Bible says you just have to have faith like a child. Well, before he returns to get those who love him, he said there would be signs so you know when he is near. There are over 50 signs that God said we could look for but one that I keep seeing over and over again is what he said about earthquakes in Matthew 24:7: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.

Unless you live in a cave you should know that earthquakes are everywhere right now, in the last month we have seen three major quakes in Haiti, Chile and in Taiwan. Just yesterday, there was a strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Turkey that killed 51 people. Not only were there earthquakes but these four earthquakes in diverse places brought hundreds of aftershocks with each one.

Maybe you think I’m just over exaggerating.

You might remember the story of Harry R. Truman. He became a minor celebrity during the two months of volcanic activity preceding the eruption of Mount St. Helens, giving interviews to reporters and expressing his opinion that the mountain wasn’t going to erupt. It wasn’t coming. He saw the signs, heard the rumbles, but he discarded all of his concerns about the volcano.

Truman is presumed to have died in the eruption. A pyroclastic flow engulfed the Spirit Lake area, destroying the lake, and burying the site of his lodge under 150 feet of volcanic landslide debris. But he thought that the danger from the volcano was "over exaggerated".

This post is not to scare you, I just wanted to be a friend and let you know what I believe to be true. The internet is a strange place. You come to my little corner of the Internet day after day to see what’s going on in my virtual life. That’s really cool. Some of you reading this have raided with me before, and some of you are still raiding with me. We've come to know each other. You are much more than pixels and avatars to me. The reason for this post is I completely believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming back soon. Do not worry if you do not believe me, one of the 50 signs talk about you too. The Bible tells us one of the key signs will be people doubting the return of Christ will ever happen. This is found in 2nd Peter 3:3-4.

In closing I just felt I need to let you know before it was too late. The first time Jesus came was to save us from our sins; the next time he comes he is coming to take us home with him. People everywhere are going to disappear. There will be all kinds of theories given to explain what happened. Everything from aliens to radiation will be offered by press to explain it away. But this blog will have gone suddenly silent, and hopefully, you will remember this blog post, and you will know the truth. Again, I am not better than you; I am not crazy nor am I a holy roller, bible thumping mad man. I am just a frail human who can read and can see the signs of what I was reading, and I cared enough about you to put what reputation I have on the line to make you aware.

In the days of Noah they laughed at him saying it’s not going to rain. But it did rain.

The Bible is real, what it says is real. I just hope that you take my post, and try hard not to think I am crazy Christian or some weirdo. I am just doing what I feel God told me to do. I was very scared in writing this, but I knew if you were keeping something from me I would want to know. I know for some people this will be the last thing they ever read on my site, and that’s okay, too.

Jesus is coming back please be ready; it might be in five minutes, five days, or five decades from now.

I'm going to turn off comments for this post. You can find my email address on the right.

Just give it some thought.

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