Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Into Phase 3

I got home from my Business Trip/Vacation and returned to the team on Monday. They had successfully cleared everything except for Sindi and Lich King. So we would be starting with Sindi.

Everyone was really in a groove and we somehow managed to one shot her. It was a great job by everyone on the team.

Then we ported up and got ready to throw down with his Highness, the Lich King. Phase 1 feels pretty comfortable now, as long as someone doesn't pull threat. It has gotten progressively harder to hold off our DPS on the threat meter each and every week. It is almost enough to make me long for those halcyon days of Naxx when threat was a non-issue. But overall, Phase 1 is pretty much cake.

The transitions are getting better. We generally have all but the last Raging Spirit down before the phase is over. We are now getting some quality time in Phase 2. We can handle Val'kyrs, and we can handle Defile. What seems to be the bane of our attempts on Arthas is when the cooldowns for Defile and Val'kyr line up and come one right on top of the other. That, in a word, stinks very much bad.

But we actually managed to push Arthas through Phase 2 twice on Monday, and got into the second transition. Buoyed by our success, we've decided to extend the raid ID. Boston announced that essentially, we won't see Marrowgar again until we can do his Hard Mode.

My name is Honorshammer and I approve this message.

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Icarus said...

valks are stunnable. When they show up get that stun off right away.. spread out for defile then get back on it asap after the cast

As long as you guys are in the middle when the valks spawn you should have plenty of time to kill it before it gets to the edge.

we were spreading out 5 seconds before defile cast which seemed to help. Best of luck to you. Im waiting for the kill post!