Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After writing about my Warrior in the class previews, I decided to go log in to him again. He was decked out in crafted and dungeon blues, along with some Naxx10 stuff. He didn’t have a single Emblem of Triumph.
I decided to run a normal to see if I remembered how to play him. I decided to just ignore Heroic Strike. I’d do as much TPS or DPS as I could without worrying about it. So I ran Normal Trial of the Crusader and it went pretty good. I had expected to be laughed out of the group and kicked on site, or at least to have had the Paladin or Death Knight suggest they do the tanking. None of that happened, and we proceeded to clear the instance. It was weird to see Horde enemies in there again.
The Warrior was actually pretty fun to play. I didn’t receive any upgrades, but I wasn’t worried about it. The next night I tried again, but this time went for a Heroic. After a 15 minute wait as DPS, I decided to add Tank and badaboombadabing, instant queue. This time it was Heroic Halls of Reflection Lightning (too many dang Halls of dungeons in this game) with a couple of 5k+ gear score DPS, a mage and a Boomkin. It was pretty impossible holding aggro off them with my sexy Red Sword of Courage.
warriorI refused to worry about it. These guys way outgeared me. The Boomkin and I sort of shared the tanking duties. But again, no one complained about my gear, nor was I kicked. I even had a nice conversation with the Shaman healer wondering why I wasn’t guilded. Long story short was that I hadn’t logged into the toon in over 6 months so I was kicked for inactivity.
What boggles my mind is that I was actually enjoying these same heroics that I find to be utter drudgery on my other toons.
I decided to throw the dice and run one more. This time it was Utgarde Pinnacle. My Warrior has a gear score of about 3.3k. I scrolled through the party looking for the highest gear score so I could Vigilance them when I noticed that the healer was also rocking about a 3.3k and none of the DPS were much over 4k. No one said anything about my gear. I checked the healers mana bar before and after each pull and stopped several times to let him catch his breath and grab a drink. We made it through without a wipe. It was the most fun 5 man I’ve run in a long time.
Now the question I keep asking myself is am I enjoying these 5 mans because I really like the Warrior? Is it simply that he’s so undergeared they present something a challenge? Is it the prospect of upgrades, even from ilevel 200 epics at the end of the run? I’m not sure.
So for now, the Warrior is unretired. I’m not sure what I’ll do with him. I’ve wondered if I should bring him over to the Hordeside. It would give me an enchanter again, and let me see our Devolve’s guild chat. I could also transfer him off server since him being on Alliance side is almost like being on another server anyway. Or I could just do what I’m doing now and run random heroics and get him kitted out in 232 gear before Cataclysm.

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