Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Exhale and the Tension

Things have been subtly different in our raid group ever since Arthas fell. I would almost describe it as an exhale. It’s like we were struggling and straining to get Arthas killed and once we did, we sort of relaxed. The pressure, if that’s the right word for it, that our raid had has largely diminished. Our Resto Shaman quit WoW within a week of the kill. Luckily, the Paladin tank from the other group has an Enhancement Shaman, which was actually his main for many a moon, so we still have Bloodlust. We’ve knocked out a couple of hard modes, namely Marrowgar and Gunship, if you can even count that as a Hard Mode. We’ve tried Death Whisper, Saurfang and Festergut with varying degrees of success.
We could really tell a difference in the Blood Wing. Princes were sloppy and Blood Queen wasn’t much better. I did make a slight change to my gear and I’m using the Tier Gloves, with a Hit gem. Now I’m hit capped and Expertise capped. It’s noticeably helped my threat, but I’m not sure how I’ll overcome not being able to use Consecrate or Hammer of the Righteous for Heroic Saurfang.
But now we face a tension in our raiding. We still have a couple of guys in our group who haven’t killed Arthas. One in particular has been with us since Burning Crusade, though he was slightly more hairy then. If we burn time working on hard modes, then we don’t have time to get to Arthas. So Boston has to constantly weigh how much time we spend on the Hard Mode bosses versus getting the raid cleared for the rest of the team. Boston is always polling us for what we think we should do. I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other. There’s stuff I want from Arthas, but there’s stuff I want from the Hard Mode bosses too. I want to see our team clear the hard modes, but I want our guys who haven’t killed Arthas yet to get their Kingslayer titles. I know if I was one of those guys, I’d be very anxious to see Arthas as soon as I could.
We are going to get cranked backed up and hopefully return to form this week.


Hana said...

My guild killed Arthas on Monday night and we're returning to ICC this weekend.

Our decision was to spent our first raid night on hard modes and second on clearing old content on Arthas.

We only have 11 raiders and our ret paladin volunteered to sit out for the kill, so we're pretty keen on getting him in there for his title.

Most of our raiders hate extending lockouts though, so the decision might have been easier for my guild. :)

jmac28083 said...

If I were in your spot I would hold the opinion that we should push back to Arthas in normal mode and down it so that all of your dedicated raiders can collect their well deserved King slayer title. (not to mention the mouth watering weapons like (Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer and Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand, which I might add, add to the mouth watering do to heavy paladin involved lore.)