Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why The Paladin

Since I’m in the process of deciding a main for the first time since I decided on Honorshammer, I thought it might be instructional to look back and see just why I settled on playing a Paladin in the first place.
I got into WoW because I really enjoyed playing Warcraft 3 and dominating my buddy who would one day be known in game as Aoesrus. My favorite Hero in Warcraft 3 was the Mountain King. Since there was no Mountain King class in WoW, I wasn't sure what to do. So I pulled up the Dwarf, and started working through the various classes Dwarves could be. I clicked Warrior, but that guy had a sword and a shield. He didn't look right. I click Hunter. Again the guy is standing there with a sword. I clicked Priest. Gah, a Dwarf in a dress. No thank you. I clicked Rogue. The guy was standing there with this tinny tiny little dagger. And then I clicked the Hammer. The Dwarf Paladin stared back at me. There he was, there was my Mountain King. The other thing that really drew me to Honors was the whole ‘Servant of the Light’ angle. I fancy myself as a servant of the one who called himself the Light of the World, so I liked bringing that over into my gaming life.
I didn't know anything about MMOs when I started. Back then a Tank was a military vehicle. Raid was something you used to kill bugs. A ninja was a turtle named after a Renaissance painter. A patch was something you put on a tire.
Then around level 12 I guess it was, I got the Resurrection  quest in Stormwind.
Reading that quest text, I knew I had found the class for me.
I had no idea that Patch 1.9 had just been released and Paladins were being nerfed (TO THE GROUND, BABY!) and I didn't care. I was exploring, questing, and having a great deal of fun leveling up.
Honors was originally my solo character. Aoes and I had rolled Night Elves on Dark Iron. He was a Hunter and I was a Druid. But it quickly became apparent that I had more playtime than he did. I didn't want to get too far ahead of him so we could still level together. So I rolled Honors to be someone I could play when I couldn't play with Aoes. Eventually Honors would pass by my Druid.
I remember somewhere around 40 figuring out that Honors would never dual wield and being a little saddened by that. It was slowly starting to dawn on me that my Mountain King was a Warrior, not a Paladin. But by that point, I had come too far to go back. Plus, I was having a great time playing the game and I wanted to see what the end game, which felt so tantalizing close, looked like. Honestly, I think whatever toon I had decided to start playing heavily would have become my main. It could have been my Druid just as easily. I was just enjoying the game, and really at that point I was still playing like a single player game.
Let me explain.
I was still leveling up. WoW like it was a single player game with a chat box. I'd watch zone chat and occasionally join a party for an instance, but only after I had gathered up all the quests I could find for that instance first.
Eventually I hit level 60 and started on my Onyxia attunement chain. I started PuGging into MC/AQ20/ZG runs as a Holy Paladin. It was really the only option for end game Paladins at those times. By that point Honors was my main. I didn’t have another character over level 20. I was off on my journey, and soon all of you would come along for the ride.


lethal said...

Re-roll Dwarf Shaman, dual wield-chain lightning BLARGARGH.
Then again, for the horde :p

I am having similiar troubles. I have a Enhance Shaman (sort of geared for naxx, real new), Balance druid (ICC25 main for all WotLK), and Tankadin (why i found you btw) who was my main for all of BC.

Who to choose. I do not know

Salt said...

My first character was a horde toon I rolled with a buddy...but he had way more play time than me, so he out leveled me in a hurry.

I found out my brother had an alliance presence on another server, but he was already max level, so I knew I wouldn't see him much (except for the odd twinking).

I had read online somewhere that Paladins and Warlocks were the easiest to solo with. So, I rolled a Dwarf Paladin, and leveled essentially solo, questing for everything.

I used to say, "I don't kill things, I bore them to death," and "I don't outblast, I outlast."

Good luck in your choice.

Cozy said...

More in response to Salt than anything else, but my husband used to joke that my prot-spec dwarven paladin just hit things with her toffee-hammer til they died of old age :-)

Mitia said...

Yes sir. Almost the same thing happened to me when I started playing, and I believe that it also applies to other games, even D&D, the idea of the paladin is still a giant lure to a lot of people.