Friday, June 11, 2010

One year anniversary of Unusual Suspects

Finally, a post goes under the "Guild" tag that I'm actually happy to post.

One year ago, our Raid Team broke off from the guild we had been a part of since before Karazhan and formed our own Guild. It was a move that had been a long time in coming.

We decided to do something special for our Guild and Raid Leader to commemorate the anniversary of our guild. So we all pitched in and bought him a Mechno-Hog. We know he could probably easily afford one himself, but he's far too practical and would never buy it. It's been a terrific first year for our Guild.

Boston oversaw our breakup from our former guildmates. Then he slowly and skillfully brought in people who would fit our guild. Next he then oversaw our transfer over to Hordeside. Each step of the way he's guided us and I'm proud to say that we've accomplished every major goal we set as a guild. There's been minimal drama, and our guild has been a great place to call home in game.

Leading a Guild is no easy task, but Boston does a fantastic job. Today, we say thank you to our Guild Leader, and my co-Tank, my wingman, Boston. Here's to another great year.

After we gave Boston his surprise, we formed up and went on a 6/12 Heroic run of ICC.


Anonymous said...


I ask because I'm always curious how different guilds handle hardmodes. Which 6 do you currently have on farm, what order did you do them in, and which HM's are next?

Honors Code said...

We started with Marrowgar and then did Gunship. Next we did Death Whisper and Saurfang. Then it was Festergut and Rotface. We have actually also killed heroic BQL but I haven't bogged about it yet. Next up is 3 Princes.

Ellevis said...

I just wanted to say thanks Honors and everyone in Devolve.It was great.

@ Anonymous : We have Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Lootship, Saurfang, Fester, Rotface and Blood Queen on farm.That's also pretty much the order in which we did them in. Next up will be Blood Prince Council and Dreamwalker.

Crofe said...

My guild also just started doing HM (10man) in ICC. Well actually, we were going for the 310 Drake. Some Hardmodes, some achievements.

First week we did Marrowgar HM, Death Whisper Achievement, Ship HM, Saurfang HM, Rotface HM, Festergut HM, Putricide Achievement, and Valithria HM.

I wasn't in the group for the second week, but from the guild achievements they did Death Whisper HM, Rotface Achievement, Festergut Achievement, and Valithria Achievement.

They're working on Sindragosa Achievement next and then probably Putricide HM.