Friday, December 24, 2010

Le Ding

Last night my Hunter, Jyger, made it Level 85. I’m fairly certain I’m the last person in our guild to hit 85, in fact, I think a couple of guys have already hit 85 with their second toon.
Level85 I dinged after completing the Crucible of Carnage quest line in Twilight Highlands.
The path I took was Vash’ir, Deepholme, Twilight Highlands, a little Uldum and then back to Twilight. I’ve talked a good bit about my experiences in Vash’ir previously and I think it was my favorite zone as I leveled up. Deepholme took a little while to get going, and levels 83 and 84 really dragged.
I started off with in Marksman spec with my trusty Lion, Aslan, in Vash’ir. As fights got longer I switched over to my Ravager, Droideka, but he was getting his rear handed to him in Deepholme. I switched over to Polar Bear for a little while, but then I found a Shale Spider about halfway through my questing. I really liked the Shale Spider, so I switched to Beast Mastery (Shale Spiders are Exotic). I named him Rocky. (Adrienneeeee!!!) He could really take a beating and the 5% stat buff was a nice addition.
One question I had as I began to work through Deepholme was how Therazane might feel about my toon, seeing as I sort of…well…you know… KILLED her daughter and all. yeahsherememberedIt was really cool that she knew about that, but didn’t know I was ‘fleshling’ responsible. That’s probably a good thing.
GnomeHunterDuring part of my questing I encountered the very rare Gnome Hunter, seen only around the Winter Veil festival.
As I started working my way through the Twilight Highlands, I noticed I was really taking a while to kill mobs. At that point, I switched to my Survival spec, and brought back Aslan. Survival has been my personal favorite spec since I tried it out in Wrath, and I’m enjoying it again in Cataclysm.
I’ve run Blackrock Decent, Throne of Tides, Vortex Pinnacle and Stonecore so far. Each was fun in its own way, but Stonecore was the first where I really saw the beginning focus fire and crowd control, even if we did AoE several packs. I try very hard to be a ‘good’ DPSer. For example, during my Vortex Pinnacle run, an Elemental Shaman pulled aggro, and Wind Shocked. Okay, I’m assuming he Wind Shocked, because the mob was heading for him, and then made a beeline for our healer. I fired a Frost Trap, and a Distracting Shot which taunted the mob and when he came to smash my delicate Orc face in, I had him in my trap. Not only was that fun, but I felt like I was contributing a bit more than just raw Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged DPS.
I haven’t had a chance to train my Level 85 spell, Camouflage, yet, but I’ll let you know what I think after I do. I’m not much a PVPer, but we’ll see how it goes. Camo might be really nice for Misdirect pulls. I’m always worried I’m going to get too close and pull the mob, sort of like I did in my first Gruul’s Lair on Jyger.
By the time I was in My gear level was only 315. This isn’t like Wrath where you ding max level and within the hour you are doing Heroics and quite possibly Raid content. I’m going to need to work just to get the privilege of the 45 minute DPS queue. I was able to pick up the Earthen Ring Shoulders (Honored) and craft my Elementium Dragonling (Mastery Trinket). After I acquired those, I had raised my item level to 319, still about 10 points short of Heroics.

Tomorrow is December 25th, a time when most people in the world are celebrating. For some it is celebration of Jesus’ birth. For most it is Christmas with Santa Claus, Rudolf, Ho, Ho, Ho, and presents for all. For others this is Hanukah. Still others celebrate Kwanza this time of year. Maybe you are the person for whom this time of year means Feats of Strength and a Festivus for the Rest of Us.
Whatever December 25th means to you, it is my hope that your day is filled with wonderful memories, surrounded by people who care about you. This has been a crazy year, and I appreciate everyone who has continued to read Honors Code through the ups and downs, main switching, and all else we’ve seen this year.
My personal expression this time of year is a mixture of Christian and traditional Christmas themes, so out of that, I will simply say to you, Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Honors:)


Feist said...

Channukah was three weeks ago! :P

A Merry one to you and yours, and lets us not forget happy birthday to Isaac Newton as well!

Duht said...

Honors! Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you cancel your blog or something when will there be a new post?