Monday, December 13, 2010

Wet Weekend

This weekend I finished up Vash’ir. I really enjoyed the zone. The underwater setting was different from anything else I’ve done in WoW, and it really didn’t take long to get used to questing in a true 3D world. After the one unpleasant encounter with marauding Alliance, I didn’t have any more unwanted PVP. Several times in the zone I saw Alliance and Horde questing side by side.
I got just about every achievement I think you can get out of the zone.vashir achieves
Because someone asked, I wanted to show that yes, traps do work under water.traps work
queenasharaThere were so many interesting quest chains in Vash’ir from the Pirates of the Caribbean opening to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ending. During one chain, you live out the story of a Naga Battle Maiden and set up the Battle at the end of the zone. You pick up that chain where exploring an ole High Elf city. I saw statues of Lestharia Vashj and Queen Ashara. Somehow I think she is going to look just a little bit different when we finally see her as a Raid Boss. The chains inside the giant cuttlefish (both of them) were alot of fun. The end battle with the Tidehunter and the Naga was pretty cool, but I felt more like a tourist than a participant, especially when we took the sub through the zone. I do love how the whole zone works to set up the story for Throne of the Tides which I want to run soon.

I do think the writers might have forgotten some of the details of an underwater zone in some of the flavor text.
Yeah, Vilethorn, we’re underwater man. I don’t think your spit is going any where. In fact, I think I’ll swim over this way now.
Jyger, my Hunter is 83 and now headed to Deepholme. I have to give props to the Undead Mage I flagged down for a port in Deepholme. He was kind enough to show me the permanent portal to Orgrimar and was pretty nice about it, too.

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Forreststump said...

I came across one of those "flavor text" inconsistencies, as well, though for the life of me I can't remember the zone/quest. I am sure that is part of the new Cataclysm content in the sub-60 levels.

In a nutshell, the quest text used the term "biblical proportions", which immediately begged the question: Which bible's proportions are the measurement? Oh wait, there is no Holy Bible in Azeroth.