Monday, March 28, 2011

Honors Code Post Script

When I stopped writing Honors Code, I had several people ask me to let them know if I started up another blog. Since I have, in fact, started up a new blog, I thought this medium would be the best way to let my former readers know about it.
The blog is called: Ted the Third. (It’s a working title.)
Its not a World of Warcraft blog, or even a general gamming and MMO blog. My new blog focuses on a new pursuit of mine. It’s actually not a new pursuit, but it has become more of a focus. The blog talks about my dream to try to become a professional, published writer. It talks about what I’m writing, what I’m learning, and what I’m struggling with. I also sometimes go off-topic and talk about news, or current events. The obligatory first post will fill you in on most of the details.
Actually, I’ve started up two blogs, but after some consideration, I’ve decided to keep the Daddy blog private. If you really want to read the Daddy blog, drop me an email and I’ll send you a link.
I’m still playing WoW. My Hunter is 6/12. The biggest news is my Hunter is no longer an Orc, nor is he on Altar of Storms. We made the very difficult decision, as a guild, to transfer servers. Every guild on Altar of Storms is short of raiders, and recruiting heavily, especially for healers. After several weeks of trying, we determined that AoS wasn't the best place for our raid group anymore. On of our members came to us from a server called Arygos. His old guild there had a 10 man group that was going strong. It seemed like recruitment would be easier on Arygos, and the guild had some people that could become part of our group to fill holes. We knew from our member who had come from Arygos that these guys were compatible with our guild culture.
We will maintain our own 10 man group, with our own rules for invites and loot. I'm hoping for the best.
Personally, I was thrilled by the prospect of being a Dwarf again. It's odd how excited I got about that. When I finally logged into Arygos as a Dwarf, I spammed /cheer, /charge and then /silly. Then I went and go me a bit ole skin of Dwarven Stout.
My Hunter was the only toon I moved. Everyone else is still over on AoS.
I’ve also started leveling up a Dwarf Shaman to hang out in a guild with some old friends from Mal Katai, and to say hi to old friends from Dominion. He’s in his early fifties, and Enhancement is silly amounts of fun at this level.


Dracomage said...

As I said to Lakini, welcome to the Arygos server.

Welcome to lookup my guild Legion of Heroes or catch my on any of my Draco-something toons.


Salt said...

I think Enhancement Shaman is silly amounts of fun, period. :-)