Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kicking Down the Gates

After our successful kill of Lord Ryloth, Devolve sets its sights on Alysrazor. Technically, we are now in Ambivalence, but I still think of our team as Devolve. Our attempts on Alysrazor went….poorly. So after clearing the farm bosses (I love that Ryloth is on farm) we headed over to Baleroc instead.
We didn’t have an ideal composition for Baleroc with two hunters, but we went after him anyway. Hunters aren’t great for Baleroc because sometimes the crystals that DPS have to soak are too close in to allow Hunters to dps. Blizzard really needs to eliminate the minimum range on Hunters, especially when it causes encounter specific issues like this.
I have now met my weekly quota for qq. Lakini would be so proud.
We assigned 3 dps to the first crystal rotation and 3 dps to the second. I was in the second group following our Moonkin and Warlock. Both of those guys could take quite a few stacks so the time I spent soaking was minimal.
We wiped a few times as we got the crystal mechanic down, and then our biggest obstacle became the Decimation Blade. This attack takes your tank down to 10% and you’ve got like 5 seconds to get him back up to over 90 or the next Decimation Blade is going to take him down. Baleroc is a one tank fight so if he bites it, it’s game over for the raid.
Our current tank corps consists of two Paladins. Both of these guys took up the shield after watching how much fun I had with it, and it makes me proud watching them tank bosses down like a champ. It took a couple more wipes for our healers to get the timing of Decimation Blade down. We run two Holy Paladins along with a Resto Shaman. Yes, there’s a LOT of pink in our raid frames - our Lock struggles for shoulders.
I don’t know what clicked in our healers but they did a fantastic job and got us through each and every Decimation Blade, and Baleroc coughed up his purples. It was a cloth and leather night.
We couldn’t go poke Staghelm because Alysrazor was still up, but now we sit at 4/7 in Firelands. Our goal remains to kill normal Rag before 4.3. Here’s hoping we make it!

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Anonymous said...

FYI you can do Baleroc as a two tank fight. You let your decimation blade tank pull and get up over 250k hp then let your MT tank the remainder of the fight. The decimation blade tank just taunts for the duration of decimation blade. Makes it much easier on the healers when they only have to top up someone when 90% of their hp is only 270k.