Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SWTOR: Jedi Knight Powers from the Esseles Walkthrough

BioWare recently released a walkthrough of the Esseles Flashpoint. Darth Hater did a wonderful job with their dissection of the video and they were able to pickup several of the Jedi Knight powers used in the walkthrough. All the screenshots here are taken from Darth Hater’s dissection.
It is important to remember that Esseles is a low level Flashpoint. The characters are around level 10. They classes haven’t broken into their advanced classes. This is like a Deadmines or a Ragefire Chasm. 

Here we see what will likely be the Jedi Knight’s main nuke. It works for both Guardians and Sentinels, with the Sentinel getting more damage by striking with both blades. The attack is channeled which means the Knight will need to keep his target in range for the duration. I don’t know if you can move while channeling, but if you can’t I can see JKs getting kited a ton.

This is an AoE (Area of Effect) attack. Guardian’s will use this for multi-target aggro, Sentinels for multi-target damage. This is pretty close to the Whirlwind attack of the World of Warcraft Warrior.

Every class in TOR gets an out of combat ability to heal. For Jedi Knight’s this is called Introspection. It makes you think of the scene in Phantom Menace where Qui-Gon kneels and meditates while waiting for the shields separating him from Darth Maul to go down. This is similar to bandaging or drinking that you see in World of Warcraft.

Now we begin to see some of the tanking skills, but remember these are available to both Guardians (Tanks) and Sentinels (DPS). We don’t know the exact effects of parry and deflect. When you parry/deflect do you take zero damage or just reduced damage? If it’s no damage, this could work out to a 50% damage reduction depending on your natural parry percentage and the luck of the dice. So while Sentinel’s could use this, you’ve got to think that Guardian’s will have a higher base chance to parry.
This almost feels like a tanking skill, but I think that is because it reminds me so much of the Revenge ability of the World of Warcraft Warrior.  Guardians are more likely to parry and deflect so I imaging this skill will be available more for Guardians than Sentinels.

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