Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tough Spot

My raid team is in tough spot. Attendance has been a constant thorn pretty much the entire expansion, but it’s becoming more of a roadblock than thorn now. We are a team that has been raiding since Karazhan. We've had some attrition over the years, but we've kept it together pretty well. It was never mechanics that held us back this tier, it was attendance. We have been constantly battling burnout from our team members, and struggling to fill raids. That's what held us back in Firelands more than anything else.
I understand it. We've been at this a long time and everyone reaches their time when they say no mas. Of the last 6 attempts we’ve made at raiding, we fielded a team twice. I have to take some responsibility for this myself as I’ve only been able to raid one day a week for the past 4 weeks due to work, and the new night we tried was a night I simply couldn’t raid. But even with me there we are not fielding a full team.
I'm holding out hope for our team, but to borrow from an Old Testament story, the ‘writing is on the wall.’


Anonymous said...

This is why the Fireland nerfs came now. I think that a lot of guilds are hitting the proverbial wall.

Best of luck. Hopefully your attendance will pick up again for patch 4.3.

Ted said...

The nerf didn't help us much because we still couldn't field a full team. Hoping for better things this evening.

Anonymous said...

No more worries on this Honors, Dec 20th will be your last day of WoW. Looking forward to Jedi tanking tips from you just as you did on the Paladin days.