Monday, October 3, 2011

No Longer Viable

I talked to my raid team leader last night, and it’s apparent that our raid team is no longer viable. Our raid leader is going to take some time and decides what he wants to do. I’m doing the same. Wich did a fantastic job of running our raid team, but he couldn’t keep guys interested in the game. We simply took too many loses, too quickly to recover.
The question now what do I do. I seem to be at a crossroads. I still enjoy raiding and haven't even seen the last two bosses in Firelands.
The first problem is I really have no desire to continue raiding on my Hunter. I switched from tanking on my Paladin Tank to DPS as a Hunter for Cataclysm. I've done okay but it's clear to me I'm struggling as a DPS. For some reason the Hunter rotation just didn’t click with me. I don’t know why. I was fighting to stay out of the 5 hole when we ran two tanks and struggled to stay out of 6 hole when we ran one.
I tried switched from SV to Marks with the idea being a higher ceiling would let me achieve better numbers. It didn’t help. When we would bring in other hunters they would out dps me even though I out geared them. I’ve went on EJ, TKA Something, Warcraft Hunter’s Union, but my numbers didn’t improve much. Something just wasn’t clicking.
So I don’t want to continue on the Hunter, but I would like to keep raiding. My preferred toon would be my Warrior, but he's got more greens than a house salad.
One option is to gear him up and try to find a new raid team. But we are about 10 or 11 weeks away from SWTOR's release. Does it make any sense to try to find a new team when I'm less than 3 months out from changing games?
If I don’t try to keep raiding, is there any point in keeping my account active?
But what if SWTOR gets delayed?
Another option would be to try for Trade Chat PuGs. I don’t know how well they are doing on my realm, but getting in one might be hard without the necessary Achievements.
Bottom line is I like raiding. It's something I still want to do and I still have months until Star Wars.
I’d love to hear any suggestions or advice you might have?


TyphoonAndrew said...

If you're certain that your raiding option are to either pug players to join your team, or be a pug yourself and join another, then regardless of which way you go you might as well play the character you enjoy the most.

ie. If the Hunter is bad new for you then retire it and play something you like.

Or if you're just over wow in general, then stop for a while. You can always return if you feel the need, and at this stage my only advice would be to cap your Justice points so that you're read to buy the t12 stuff when t13 is released. Just in case you return.

Personally I'd look for players/teams that are happy to take a regular pug. Many guilds & players have friends who step in when they're short, so I'd advertise yourself as that amongst your social groups.

Rohan said...

You could always take a break and play a F2P or another MMO for a couple months.

Give RIFT or Lord of the Rings a shot. If you just treat it as a leveling game, it could be fun for a few months.

Or try some single-player games until Star Wars comes out.

Dinaer said...

Once the next patch comes out, you can listen for reports on the usefulness of the Looking for Raid feature. If that pans out (and that's a big IF) then you can get back into raiding through that.

In the meantime, cap your Valor Points and take a break.

Ted said...

@Andrew - I'm not over WoW, I still enjoy it.

@Rohan - that's another idea. I played Champions Online F2P toward the end of Wrath.

@Dinaer - I expect Blizzard to hold 4.3 until early to mud December.

Paul said...

I'm having quite a lot of fun in Rift. There's lots of content to spend time on while waiting for SWTOR.

LOTRO never did it for me.

Ted said...

@Paul -I've heard its much tougher to enjoy Rifts since people aren't in the lowbiezones to team up. Have you seen that yourself?

Ellevis said...

Hey Honors, sorry things didn't work out quite the way we hoped they would.

I don't think Star Wars is going to be delayed. They didn't have to release a street date yet so they're pretty confident about that date.

I wish I had some advice on what to do for the next couple months but I really don't. There are a few games out there that are F2P that I'll probably try out.

Ted said...

@Ellevis- We had a good run. I will always have great memories of our time together, and I will never forget the faith you guys showed following a crazy Paladin Tank into Karazhan.

Kinzlayer said...

It could just means a few months of rest before the start of STWOR. Not like it's a bad deal to rest from gaming for a few months and then come back to a new game fresh. Also, I highly doubt that STWOR will delay, it's a force of nature now and it will only get more powerful.

Turiel said...

Honors, if what is stopping you from the hunter is raw dmg output, I could probably assess you and at least inform you on HOW to do the max dmg in each situation. Hunters are very high atm, and are #1-2 on most DL fights ESPECIALLY in firelands. if you are really looking for a change of pace I get that too, as I'm actually taking a break myself from wow, not just my Hunter.

You helped me a while back with pally stuff, thought I'd return the favor :)

Ted said...

@Turiel - I appreciate it, but I'm not sure what more I could have done. I did all the research I could but when we entered the Firelands I just couldn't put it together. The fact that Hunters are so theoretically high and I so low in reality only underscores to me that I'm not getting it, but I don't think it's a lack of head knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I tried to find us folks to raid with, no luck, it would be nice if the raid finder was out now, until then..I level more toon's lol


Neovomica said...

Hey man. I have been filling my time revisiting my console. Little GoW3 has given me a place to relive stress.

I have been on the fence now as to where to go. I have done pug raids. Some are good but most are just old raid zones. FL pug raids are nightmares.

Miss our group and sucked to see it fade out.

Paul said...

I've heard its much tougher to enjoy Rifts since people aren't in the lowbiezones to team up. Have you seen that yourself?

When there were lots of people leveling we got lolzerg invasions in the lowbie zones. That doesn't happen nearly as often now, particularly in the intermediate zones (like Scarlet Gorge). There's still plenty of invasion activity in the high level zones (IPP, Shimmersand, Stillmoor).