Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finding a Champion

I’ve started playing Champions Online. It’s a fun game and a nice change of pace from WoW. I got a chance to try out Champions Online when they went free to play. I downloaded the client and had a blast trying out various classes.

My 3 favorites are my Behemoth, my Fist character and my custom “gold” Power Armor. Picking a ‘main’ toon has been difficult but I think it’s going to be my Behemoth.

Since I wanted to try it out for a month I subscribed to the gold package, but I think I will go back to the Free to Play “Silver”. I can still play my Fist and my Behemoth but I won’t be able to play my custom Power Armor.

Costume_Atceth_Rokushijo Satsuma_CC_Comic_Page_Blue_324865379

This is my Fist character that I named Rokushijo Satsuma, or Roku for short. This is a martial arts type of hero like from the Bruce Lee movies. I based Roku on the Street Fighter character of Ryu, but the costume editor had it limitations especially in modeling Roku’s leggings.

Fist was a fun melee DPS type of archetype. His combat was pretty repetitive with spamming his Thundering Kick ability. This was a more fun concept than it was a character. I might come back to him at some point in the future.




Costume_Atceth_NoName_CC_Comic_Page_Blue_324872625 This is my Behemoth character. Behemoth is an archetype that models Super Heroes like The Incredible Hulk, Thing from Fantastic Four, and Juggernaut from X-Men. You are basically big and strong and beat people down with your bare fists or by throwing environmental objects at them. I chose to model my Behemoth character after Colossus from the X-Men. Colossus is a lesser known super hero. I messed up my first attempt at making his costume and he ended up looking like Captain Planet, but I like his current costume much better.

Behemoth has a lot of fun powers where you end up basically hitting guys across the screen. It is also very ‘warrior-like’ with abilities like Thunderclap and Shockwave.

Behemoth is horrible in PVP in my experience. Melee in general doesn’t do well. When you have characters that can fly and have multiple ways of creating and maintaining distance on you, it’s very hard to make any headway. Probably the worst offender if Teleport which allows a character to disappear, move and reappear. However, if you quick on your keys, with a little server lag, you can disappear and reappear without ever showing up in the world and heal up before you reenter combat. It’s very frustrating.


But few things in Champions Online are as fun as picking up the enemies nukes and throwing them back at him.


This is the “gold” character I made to try out the freeform hero. There really wasn’t an archetype that harkens back to the Power Armor of Iron Man, or a Mecha suit. My Power Armor is named SAMAS (Strategic Ariel Military Assault Suit). I did the best job I could to match him to the SAMAS from the Pen and Paper Role Playing Game RIFTS. He combines much of what I enjoyed from Behemoth, but also has a ton of ranged tools. He’s a little bit of tank, and a little bit of firepower. When I turn on all of his weapons systems, there is much destruction and fun to be had.screenshot_2010-05-01-20-56-59This is basically what I would have made my main in CO, but once SWTOR come out I won’t be able to maintain my “gold” status so I’ll be playing my Behemoth more.

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enjoyed reading the post, it's nice to read about something other than pandas :-) i had fun playing the CO free trial months ago before the game went f2p. but i enjoyed DCUO on the ps3 more. most of my time was spent with a gunslinger type character(both games). i'm thinking about giving DCUO another try now that it's f2p, but lately i've been enjoying LOTRO.