Monday, March 19, 2012

TORWars: Think Tank – The Combat System

I’ve got a new article up on TorWars talking about how the combat system works in Star Wars the Old Republic. It’s fundamentally different from the system we used in World of Warcraft.
Greetings TORWarrriors, and welcome to this week’s Think Tank! This week, I’m thinking about the combat system. While on the screen we see the flash of lightsabers, and the smoke of mortars, and the tenor rumble of explosions, what is going on behind the scenes and on the servers is an array of number crunching to figure just what happened. Understanding this obfuscated arithmetic is key to  how our toons tank, and to how we can best gear them ….


Ken Bowen said...

It looks like Blizzard is stealing that idea for tanks in MoP. There will be an avoidance check and a block check for MoP.

Ken Bowen said...
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