Thursday, September 20, 2012

Over One Hump

I made the decision to reactivate my account. I still hadn’t seen the End Time instances or the Dragon Soul raid. I’m going to play my old Paladin, Honorshammer. Right now I’ve got him as Ret spec because I figure it will easier to PuG End Time and Dragon Soul as a DPS rather than as a Tank.

I also love the changes Patch 5.0.4 made to Retribution. I feel like I build Holy Power so much faster. The rotation is smoother, and a little more forgiving. The new talent tree is interesting. They feel more like glyphs. I don’t care what the math and sims say, nothing is more fun than Holy Avenger.

5.0.4 made some of the previous Valor gear available for purchase with Justice Points and in very short order, Honorshammer was ready for End Time.

I let the group know this was my first time and asked for any tips. For the most part people were tolerant, if not helpful. The fights weren’t too bad, and I only ended up dying on Sylvanas. Then we got to Morzubond or whatever his name is.

It’s really cool to return to the place where you met your future self in Wrath of the Lich King as you leveled up in Dragonblight.

This has become my favorite fight in WoW.

You get to pop all your cooldowns, and then they reset throughout the fights. Avenging Wrath plus Divine Ashbringer along with Guardian of the Ancient Kings, sign me up. The holy power flows in so fast I can hardly spend it fast enough, and it just looks awesome with my Paladin flaying away with Ashbringer. Something or other is going one with an hourglass but I just keep hacking at the dragon. I managed to pickup some sick looking shoulders as well.

I ran that a couple of times in a row before I got Well of Eternity. This was really exciting for me. We’ve heard and read about the events surrounding the Legion coming through the Well for years, but now we were actually going to experience it.

I gotta say it felt really weird to fight side by side with Illidan. I just kept looking at those glavies and thinking back to how they became the giant Fire elemtentals I tanked in Black Temple. The group moved quickly and the healer gave me a couple of tips after I explained it was my first time in the dungeon.

We moved through the dungeon pretty quickly. It was awesome to finally see Azshara, though we really didn’t fight her, just her minions. I guess they are saving that for another expansion.

I don’t know if newer players feel the same impact I did when Illidian brought out the vials from the Well of the Eternity. I had to work so freaking hard to get those Vials back after he gave them to Vashj and Kael. 

The final fight was a bit chaotic and the buffs you get skew the dps numbers to the ridiculous at times. I died to the the fel firestorm.

I ran several more End Time and Well of Eternity before finally getting the Hour of Twilight. How many times I have escorted Thrall somewhere by now? This was the least memorable of the three new instances, probably because I’ve only run it one time.


Sol said...

Welcome back!

Tauren or Dwarf? And does this mean a break from SWTOR for you?

Ted A. said...

Tauren for the moment. That's where my old guildmates are. But after Theramore's fall I really hope Baine suceeds from the Horde. I want nothing to do with Garrosh Hellscream.

I've got a post that I want to get up tomorrow on SWTOR, but my Panthers are playing tonight so I'm not sure I'll get it done.