Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And Now He's 90!

Last night I finally made it to level 90. I was busy finishing up the quests in Kun-Lai Summit when I saw someone in the guild asking for a sub 90 dungeon run. Most everyone in the guild is already level 90 and they are busy grinding away on Heroics. There is some quirk to the LFG system where if you have someone in your group who has a much higher iLevel than the rest of the group, it won't let you queue. I knew I was close to 90, but I offered the services of my shield.

The group was Paladin Tank (me!), A Boomkin, a Warlock, a Shaman and a Tree. 

We got the Shado-Pan Monastery.

I was a bit nervous. I had tried to tank Shado-Pan Monastery back when I was 87, and it didn't go well. That was a pure PuG and immediately the DPS Death Knight and Priest healer were concerned about my health pool.

I've been playing WoW a long time. I had a really hard time getting my head around the concept that having over 200k hit points was considered being low for a tank. After a couple of wipes where I went splat, we let the DK switch to Blood and I switched to Ret and we finished the place.

This time I had over 300k hit points and it was full guild run. Granted, these were all new people to me, but we are all from the same guild.

The run went pretty smooth. Only a couple of times did my health get low and apparently I was standing in some sort of Sha fire. Oops. Those guys love to leave some sort of painful zone on the ground when they die.

It was really special for me to ding in my Prot spec. Honors started out as a healer in Molten Core and Zul'gurub, but as soon as Burning Crusade hit, he was a tank and he's been that way ever since.

I managed to pick up some new tanking gloves and a new tanking belt from the dungeon. After we finished the run, I did the final quests in Kun Lai, got the achievement for the zone and went to bed.

This was when I hit max level in Cataclysm. I was playing the Hunter as my main then and for some reason didn't get a screenshot of Honorshammer hitting 85. It's obvious he did as you really can't hit level 90 without at some point hitting 85.

This was level 80 in Wrath. I hit on Christmas day. I love having a blog.

Finally this is me out in Nagrand in Burning Crusade. One of my favorite things to do back then was solo elites so I thought it would be supre cool to solo an elite to ding. Then this 'helpful' Warrior came by.


BlackDragon said...

Grats on making it to 90 Honors!

And here's to hoping that many more 90s from you are to follow suit =D

Michael Green said...

Grats on 90. I see you're using Elvui. I really dig what it does to the UI. What till you hit 500k hitpoints, its a trip seeing yourself as a raid boss.

Ted A. said...

It's interesting looking through my screenshots at all the different UIs I used. Can you believe I made it all the way to 70 with the default UI?

I hope whoever is doing Elvui continues on the project. It's a fantastic piece of work.

Baconnstrip said...

Grats on the 90 Honors. Last night I was thinking if you came back. I too came back through a scroll of rez, but I'm sticking to my druid. Bacon is a tauren druid on Korgath. I'm still 85 and been leveling alot slower. I don't get much time to play as I have just relocated to TX to be closer to family. Though once I get my wife down here my time should free up a bit more. Thanks for the good reads

Ted A. said...

Welcome back, Bacon! Since you are a Tauren, we can do some Cross Realm, Real ID stuff. Feel free to email me so I can add you.