Thursday, October 18, 2012

Push For Heroics

Now that I'm 90 I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you can do. There are so many different reputations to start, not to mention I have two entire zones I haven't even started.

My primary goal is getting the gear needed so I can help the guild out by tanking heroic dungeons and eventually be available to tank raids.

First thing I did when I logged in was to spec my Level 90. Thank you, Matticus! I went with Execution Sentence for my Level 90 talent. The next order of business was to head to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms since I had already done the quest to unlock it, and buy flying.

Yeah, flying!

My current iLevel is 421. I need 435 for Heroics. My lowest pieces are my neck (399), one trinket (399) - the other is the Brewfest one (470!), chest (414), sword (414), and shield (414).  

I didn't have a ton of Justice Points saved up from Cataclysm because I was burning them trying to get up to LFR before Mists so I could see the Deathwing raid, which I did.

The first thing I did was use my Jewelcrafting to craft a ring (Heart of Earth 450) and a neck (Reflection of the Sea 450).

Then I queued up for the Arena of Annihilation scenario and got a weapon, Maki’s Mashing Mace (450). I went to transmog it, but Maki’s Mashing Mace is a One-Hand weapon and what I wanted to transmog it to, the Hammer of Judgment is a Main hand. I think it’s a little silly you can’t transmog a main hand onto a One Hand. I think just about everything in the game now is One hand. Do they even make Main Hand weapons anymore? I really wanted to run around with my Hammer of Judgement.

In short order I had upgraded my neck, one of my rings and my weapon.

I had been to the Shrine of Two Moons during questing, but now that I was 90 the place lit up like a Christmas tree with quest givers. Basically any reputation I wanted to start working I could get started on right there. I noticed one exclamation point was a different color. It was orange instead of yellow or blue.

I went and talked to the guy and I got a quest to go to the Veiled Stair and meet the Black Prince. It turned out to be Wratharion. I remember doing the quest in the Badlands to save his egg. I loved that quest. He talked to me about terrible things coming to Azeroth and asked me to prove myself by raising my reputation with various factions.

I looked up places to upgrade my chest and found Chestplate of the Stone Lion. It’s a hit and mastery piece which should work well. I’m way short of both the hit and expertise caps. It’s available from the Klaxxi at Honored. There were two options for shields. One was a drop in Shado-Pan Monestary (Normal) and the other was a quest reward from the Klaxxi.

I queued up for Shado-Pan and grabbed a kite to the Dread Wastes. The run through Shado-Pan was fairly uneventual, but whoever at Blizzard thought that removing AoE taunts from tanks needs to take a long walk off a short pier. Actually I could probably handle no AoE taunt, but what I really missed was Righteous Defense. I used to be able to glance at the party frames and see if anyone was taking damage. If they were, I would target them, and hit Righteous Defense, which would taunt the mob attacking them. Man, did I miss that skill.

The shield didn't drop, but I did get some new boots. They were haste/mastery but no one seemed to complain (especially the Fury Warrior). I was a good tank and didn’t roll on the 2 hander that dropped at the end boss.

I hadn’t done a single quest in the Dread Wastes, so I headed over there and began questing. As I started to kill Mantids I noticed I was getting not Klaxxi reputation but Black Prince reputation. I got Klaxxi reputation when I turned them in . So now I was working on two reputations at the same time. Score!

The Klaxxi have a chest at Honored By the end of the night I was friendly with both the Klaxxi and the The Black Prince.


typhoonandrew said...

The Dragonling engineering craftable Trinket is ilevel 450 and you can put in any three cogs to pick stats. I used that with my dps set to jump from a 437 trinket.

The Exalted with the Klaxxi and loremasters (I think) have an epic reward which will be worth it.

And the Hallow's End ring will help too.

Michael Green said...

The Dragonling trinket is defintely worth it. I almost hated to lose it when I got an upgraded one from Mogu'shan. +600 mastery, +600 hit, +600 expertise is way too good to be sitting at 450 ilvl. And if you do the Klaxxi quests all the way to honored they give you a couple of 450 blue items as well. And the anglers off the southern coast of the Dread Wastes will give you 450 blue shoulders if you defeat the Kraken.