Friday, October 10, 2014

Finish What You Started

When the instances reset, the Glory group reformed with the expressed goal of finishing what we started. We went back to the Tolvir. I stared down Siamat and said “So, Siamat, at last we meet again for the first time for the last time.”

(Bonus Hammer points if you get reference)

Our Warlock devised a strategy that ensured we all got the achievement this time. He laid down a nice hard nuke (don’t ask me what it was, I know zero about Warlocks. It was all green and firey.) We marked each Servant and killed the Minions. Gru would be so mad! We blew up each Servant in order. Once the third one died, we verified we had three stacks and blew up Siamat.

Game. Set. Match. Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

Volcanic Drake. Very nice.

As a bonus prize, that gave me my 50th mount and I got Leading the Calvary and the Albino Drake.


My next goal was to work on Brewfest. I only needed two Achievements for my Brewmaster title: Down with Dark Iron and Brew of the Month. The first simply needed a bit of timing. I was fortunate that there were enough people hanging around Brewfest when the event started. Several of us gathered around a cask and chucked mugs at the attacking Dark Iron. Remind me to file a complaint with Moira!

This was the first year I really ‘got’ the Ram Riding down. I would make the two runs, one through IronForge and one through Kharanos to get some coins and then queue for Coren. It took about a week but soon enough I had the coins I needed to buy membership into the Brew of the Month club. That completed the meta and I’m now Brewmaster Honorshammer which is awesome for a dwarf and will also be cool if I ever level my baby Monk.

More Secrets 

I started back at the beginning with Throne of Thunder. I knew the first wing the best since that’s where I was when I left WoW. Beyond that, it was a learning experience. The fights came back to me a little bit at a time. I finished up Lei Shen with 7 more Secrets and queued for Siege. This would be my first time in Siege of Orgrimaar. I did the first ‘wing’ through Sha of Pride, and queued up for Gates, but the group fell apart and I had to call it quits. That week ended with 13 total Secrets. I was running about a 60% rate of getting a Secret from the Boss.

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