Friday, October 17, 2014

More Legendary Frustation, More Kindness Of Strangers

Wratharion gave me the Lightning Lance and told me to thrust it into Nalak and survive long enough to absorb his power.

I’m sure back when Isle of Thunder was current content, Nalak groups formed almost hourly. Now a days, the Isle is deserted. Well, the quest said to stick it into Nalak and survive long enough. I have a Bubble.

Would 12 seconds be long enough?

12 seconds was not long enough.

I was feeling pretty discouraged at this point. I had made it through the brick wall of Lion Roars, survived a pretty tough scenario, and now was faced with trying to put together a group to kill a world boss no one kills anymore. Again, it's my fault for taking a year off and now trying to get his done, but it stills feels frustrating.

I checked OpenRaid and there was a World Boss group set up for a couple of days away, but my gear wasn’t up to what they wanted. I would love to know how 530 is ‘easily obtainable’ when LFR only rewards 528. That means I would need to be fully LFR geared plus have something else above 530 to make up the difference.

When I zoned back in, I noticed three other people standing around: a Monk, a Mage, and a Druid. After a few moments we all figured out we were ALL on Spirit of the Storm Lord. The Monk said he knew a way to get the quest completed. I was ready to try just about anything at that point. What was the worst that could happen, another repair bill?

The monk led us under Nalak to the other side of the courtyard where there were some defensive emplacements and some Shado-Pan. He placed three markers on the ground. One was placed near the top of the stairs, the other a little ways beyond the bottom of the stairs, and the last one around the corner.

The Monk was going to pull Nalak. We were to thrust our Lances into him and then run from the first marker to the second marker and around to the third. The Monk, along with the Shado-Pan NPCs, would keep Nalak’s attention and by being around the corner, we had broken line of site on Nalak so his attacks didn’t hit us. The elemental spawned in the air and it was a relatively simple matter of kiting it around the courtyard. The quest completed with Nalak still very much alive.

The Monk and the Shado-Pan eventually died and Nalak despawned. Maybe he despawned because we weren’t on this threat table or we weren’t in line of site. I’m not sure. All I knew was that the quest was complete and I could move on to the next stage of the Legendary quest.

I talked to Wratharion and he gave me a Metagem and a quest to start collecting Titan Runestones. It was back to LFR with me. I ran Vale of Eternal Shadows to get the guarenteed drop from Sha and came away with my frist 3 Runestones. Then I ran Gates of Retribution. I didn't get a single Runestone drop but I did get gear from each boss. I have no idea if the two are related. I still had Lei Shein up so I ran Pinnacle. The week ended and I have 4 of my 12 Runestones. There are 14 potential bosses who can drop Runestones next week. I will need to go 8/14 (about 60%) if I am to complete the quest. Now that is here, I have no idea what that will do to people's desire to run LFR and to complete it. I need to get this done.


Michael Green said...

I first starting reading your blog way back in T6. I was only doing T4 and lived vicariously through your T6 clears. Its weird now to see you only doing your legendary cloak quest and I've done 13/14H. I'm glad to see you blogging about WOW again. This has always been one of my favorite WoW blogs.

Michael Green said...

As an addendum, I think you'll find LFR is still rocking. And even with 530-ish ilvl you should be able to find some flex groups, or normal groups as they're called now. Also check on slootbag's sub/viewer alliance runs. He runs through normals and only requires a 520 ilvl. You'll be able to knock your legendary out in no time flat.

Ted Atchley said...

Michael, you are very kind. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and I appreciate you sticking with me all this time as I bounced around and found my way. See you on Draenor!