Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Not Your Typical LFR

Happy Patch Day! I'm assuming 6.0.2 will drop today.

While you wait for the servers to come up, let me tell you a story.

There were two bosses who were basically the bane of my existence when I left WoW: Tortos and Durumu. Tortos was because of the bats that he summoned. I was a 10 man raider for most of my WoW career. 25 is a lot more people and that’s a lot of bats to try to corral. I queued as Ret for that one. Then we have Durumu the Forgotten. This is another one that I like to queue as Ret for. It’s not fair to the other 24 poor saps that get in a group with me to have one of their tanks die every Eye Sore (maze) phase. I’m sure with more practice I would get it, but while I’m learning I’ll stick with Ret.

I needed Secrets so I found myself back facing off with Tortos and Durumu. The LFR I was in cleared the trash to Durumu, and started the encounter. The fight was going okay until the first Eye Sore. When it was over, only one tank, three healers and three DPS were left alive. Out of 25 people, 7 lived. I was not one of them. That was a wipe.

We pulled again with one stack of the Determination buff. But it was second verse, same as the first. Same seven people still up. Same HonorsHammer still dead. A couple of people left and more than a couple of the survivors voiced their concerns about our mental health and aptitude.

Here is where most LFRs fall apart. People leave, you wait in the queue, more people leave. Some declares the group fails at life (this just in: video game != life). I had no room to talk as I had died both time. I was doing the maze okay, but I had lost track of the eyebeam and got zapped.One time I actually walked INTO the eyebeam trying to get to the next patch of open ground. Oops.

At this point in the story, an unlikely hero arises. A DPS Warrior, Adarajin, he had been in the survivor group both times. He got assist from the nominal raid leaders and put a triangle symbol over his head. He told the raid that if they followed the triangle they would survive the Eye Sore and we would kill the boss. The group filled in and we pulled. I stuck to that triangle like bees to a honeypot. I wasn’t the only one. When Eye Sore came we followed. They eyebeam got ‘oh so close’ but he moved us just in time. After the Eye Sore, I looked up. Only 6 dead.

We continued to wail away at the beholder. The next Eye Sore came and again I stuck to my green lantern. 2 more died, but Durumu was down low. We finished him off and I scored another Secret.

Adarajin basically saved the raid. He didn’t have to help out. Clearly HE knew how to do the fight. He didn’t have any obligation to show the rest of us the way, but he did. I tried to trade him some gold to say thanks, but you can’t do that in an LFR and he lives on other server. Wherever you are Adarajin of Articulate Derision on Terrokor, I can’t thank you enough. If everyone in Articulate Derision is as nice as you, I’m sure it’s awesome place to be.

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