Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Secrets and Trillium

My intuition proved right. The Glory group formed up and we headed for Halls of Origination. Our first target was “I Hate that Song”. Having a Trinity group proved to be an asset on this one, even overgeared as we were. I went down and gathered up all the snakes. We kept one DPS on each lever. The last DPS and the healer stayed up top on the boss. Every time the boss would start the channel the song, our two DPS below flipped their switch and interrupted him. Meanwhile the Warlock blew up him up. Done and done.

We moved on into the chamber with the elemental bosses and troggs. Being over geared, we split up. Two DPS went to one boss and the tank, healer, and DPS went to the other. We beat the timer easily. Those were the only two I personally needed, but we completed the rest of the achievements for everyone in that dungeon. We moved onto Lost City and once again failed at Headed South. One of us got it, but the rest of us didn’t have enough stacks. He starts knocking you around all over the place. We determined to come up with a better strategy for our next attempt.

We needed Blackrock Caverns and Grim Batol. We went to Grim Batol first. We got General Umbriss down a little bit and waited for a Trogg to come out. Our warlock saw that Umbriss had the debuff and we blew him up before the debuff ran out. That completed Grim Batol for me, but again we finished up the other achievements in there and moved onto Blackrock. I gotta say, even after all this time, I still love Raz. He makes that dungeon fun even after seeing it many, many, many times. I tanked the Angered Earth Elementals on the first boss. We needed the boss to kill them with his Skullcracker ability which meant I had to stay in for it. I used Consecrate to keep the adds on me (and not on the healer), but not so much that it would kill them. The first Skullcracker cast we tried with me using a tank cooldown and I was barely scratched. Eventually we figured out we could all stand in the Skullcracker and have him kill the adds there. Check that one off the list. Our next achievement was Corla. We had to let the disciples transform. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but somehow we got all three transformed at the same time and we all died. Even at Level 90, this stuff can still be deadly. Major kudos to the guys who mastered this when it was current content. We were more careful on the next pull and managed to get them to transform one at a time and blew them up. The final achievement in there was Ascendant Descending. We had to kill the boss without the adds getting a buff on them. The buff stacked when the adds meleed you. The trick is that the boss transfers from add to add so after a switch you have to get out of range. The Warlock got aggro on the adds, and used a Warlcoky speed enhancer to run away. I taunted the boss and went to work. There was a little bit of confusion, but somehow we managed to blow up Obsidius before the mobs got their stacks.

That left us with only Headed South standing between us and the Volcanic Drakes. The group was gracious enough to head out to Kasarang and help with “Change of Command”. With a full group, the mob went down easily. I thanked them and headed for a meeting with Wratharion. I talked with the Black Dragon and he told me to start gathering Secrets of the Empire and Trillium.

I knew the guild wasn't running Throne anymore so that meant my only option was LFR.


I debated if I should queue as Tank or DPS. Healer wasn't an option, I don’t even have any healing gear in my bags, nor do I have a Holy spec. I thought about queuing as a Tank as it would assuredly mean a fast queue time, but it had been a year since I've done those fights. I don’t remember them, and I’m fairly well undergeared (iLevel 502). If I screwed up a tank transition or something, it could be a fast ticket to Kicksville, population Me. Then that short queue wouldn't have done me much good. I queued as DPS and pulled out my Ret set. While I waited for the queue I stopped by the farm to start ‘farming’ some Trillium via Snakeroot. I’m still working on Master of the Ways so half my plots are dedicated to Master and the other half to Trillium.

With that done,and stil no queue pop, I made a return to the Isle of Thunder daily area to get my rep with Wratharion up to Exalted. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was amazed by how dead the Isle was. It was THE place to be when I left: people doing quests, hunting rares, etc. I guess all that has moved to the Timeless Isle now.

The queue finally popped and I went in. I only had time to for one LFR so I opted for Siege since it had 4 bosses and 4 shots at a Secret, plus the guaranteed drop from Sha of Pride. I read up a little on the fights but while a YouTube video is nice, it’s not substitute for seeing the fight live. It was something of a blur, but I managed to stay alive, pull up the bottom of the meters and walk out with my first three Secrets.

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