Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lion Roared

With 6.0.2 patch landing any day now I really have to prioritize what I’m going to do between now and Warlords.  I don’t have the social capital to get a Challenge Mode group going this late in the game, and to be perfectly frank (and I would not want to be anything other than perfectly frank with you), I’m not sure I have the mad skillz to get Gold in those challenges.

One of the biggest items I’d like to get my grubby little hands on would be a Garrosh Heirloom for leveling to 100, but there are significant barriers. I don’t have much social capital with my guild yet, and I hate to ask for a carry since I’m not geared for current content with my 506 Item Level. I’ve checked OpenRaid and there’s nothing in my time frame and again my iLevel and general lack of familiarity with the fights might be a concern.

If you are reading this and you’ve got a spot in Cross Realm Garrosh kill (Flex or Normal) and don’t mind my low iLevel, drop me a line at Honorshammer at gmail.

My bucket list includes the Legendary Cloak, the Brawler’s Guild, and Proving Grounds. The Brawler’s Guild and Proving Grounds are getting Level 100 versions, but the DatOrangeDoe Cloak is going away for good. I’m been blocked in my progression on the Cloak by the quest “The Lion Roars”. This requires a victory in two PVP battlegrounds, Temple of KotMogu and Silvershard Mines. About once a night, I would summon my courage (or stubbornness - I'm not sure which), mentally prepare for a loss and queue up for the two battlegrounds.

I transmoged my Retribution Gear to Tier 8 (Ulduar) and my Protection Gear to Tier 6 (Black Temple/Hyjal). I changed my title from Hand of A’dal to Knight-Lieutenant. My goal was to hide as much as I could that would scream “Sitting Duck in PVE Armor” and hope they didn’t check my health pool.

In Silvershard, I would find a cart and stay close to it. If we got engaged, I’d try to find an enemy healer and interrupt him when I could and generally be a pest thinking maybe he might have to spend a GCD or two on self-healing. In Temple, I would concentrate on hitting anyone who was carrying and orb and was big and glowing. Whatever small amount of damage I did would be amplified since they take more damage.

All in all, I thought those were solid strategies, but nothing I did seemed to matter much. In Temple, I would occasionally grab and Orb and charge into the middle, but honestly, Tennyson's Light Brigade had a better chance most of the time.

A couple of nights ago, I got Silvershard, but almost as soon as I zoned in, I noticed this one was different. One of the other players took command and started giving people tasks. Remarkably, no one gave him any pushback. Even more surprising is that people actually went to their assigned areas. The score went back and forth but it was better than any Silvershard Mines I had ever been in. I attacked any non Shadowform Priest, non-Bear/Cat/Moonkin druid, shield wearing Paladin,  or Shaman I could find.

We won 1600 to 1332. Lolyoumadebro of Korgath, wherever you are, thank you.

Bolstered by my success, I went for Temple and immediately lost. While Silvershard matches were typically close, Temple was not. A couple of nights later, I’m over my high and once again figuring that I’m not going to see this idiotic quest completed, but I knew I definitely wouldn’t complete it if I didn’t queue so I queued anyway.

I noticed that no one on our team was really grabbing Orbs. I usually avoided it because I figured I would be doing a disservice to my team since I die so fast, but after my experience on Battle On the High Seas, I knew my tank instincts were still strong. For the next match, I swapped by Ret gear for my Prot gear. For the most part my plan worked. The match stayed close, but in the end we lost 1500 to 1600. I even got Kotmogu All Star, but I was pretty discouraged. I had done all I could do, even getting the achievement, and we still lost.
I decided to try one last time, and then I would forget ever getting the cloak and never queue again.
Immediately upon zoning in, I noticed two Hunters identifying players on the other team.

“Target Jellymonster, Resto Druid”.

Really, where do people come up with these names?

I targeted Jellymoster and introduced him to an Avenger’s Shield Silence, and Fist of Justice Stun sandwich. I even managed to take off a while 1% of his health.


The match wasn’t even close.

We won 1600 to 75. A big Hammer thank you goes to Sparrowhawk of Emerald Dream and Flexx of Sargeras.

The Lion Roars was complete, but there was one more quest needed for that part of the chain, “A Change of Command” which required killed a named mob down in Karasarang. The quest said it needed a group, so I checked in Guild Chat, but most everyone was raiding Siege. I asked in Trade and got crickets. Well, am I a Paladin or am I a Paladin? Time to solo that dude.

I flew out to Horde base and they knocked me out of the sky on my flying mount. I approached slowly on foot. The regular soldier proved to be no match and soon I was standing before Bloodhilt. I tried several times to solo him, both as Prot and Ret but each time I was unsuccessful. I knew the Glory group was scheduled for the next night so I figured I would ask them.


BigFire said...

Lion's Roar is soloable by several class that's sufficiently geared. Your best bet of getting a group is actually near the area itself and just ask in the zone chat channel, there's bound to be people in the same boat.

C.Kwan said...


If you still need this part of the quest, just hit me up in-game or reply to my comment and I will send you my battle tag.

I soloed this as prot with around a 500ish item level, but the key for me in soloing this was I had 2 pieces of LFR tier 16 prot gear. The healing for that was quite amazing for me.

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