Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To Forge a Hero

I entered the week with 13 secrets and by the time I entered Pinnacle of Storms, I had 18. I knew Le Shien was guaranteed to drop one so as long as Iron Quon or the Twins gave one up, I was golden. Iron Quon cooperated, and I was thrilled when the Twins gave one up as well. I had my 20. I knew Le Shein was guaranteed drop for either Runestones or Secrets, but I didn’t have the quest for Runestones yet, so I dropped group so I could come back and get a Runestone off him this reset.

I headed back to my good buddy Wratharion and gave him my Secrets and he asked me to meet him on the Isle of Thunder. I found him and we entered into a solo scenario at the Thunder Forge. I had to fight some Mogu while Wratharion charged up the Forge. Some Shado-Pan guys showed up to help out. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go Prot or Ret. I know at some point, you get a role specific reward, which leads to a role specific cloak, but I’m not sure at what point you make that choice. The combat started before I got a chance to switch so I was Ret anyway. Like most scenarios there were places to heal that helped out.

Wratharion also spawned little balls of blue lightning which buffed my damage. Meanwhile, he just stood around and watched me fight. You know, Wratharion, I'm pretty sure you could one shot these guys. Think you could lend a brother a hand right? No? Okay, I got this.

I took out the Mogu and finally this big boss Mogu shows up. He wasn’t too hard and I slapped him down. Wratharion congratulates me and we head into the Forge itself. Wratharin makes some snide comment about dwarves and I’m standing there thinking, hello? Dwarf, right here! I know he was referring to Brann, but hey, nobody disses on my boy Brann.

He activates the Forge and a bunch of Sha show up along with two guys who look a bit like Algalon. They start working on the Forge and I start clearing out the Sha. It took me an attempt or two to figure out I needed to use the anvils to do massive AoE damage to the Sha. I used every cooldown I had and was on my last legs when Wratharion does this massive AoE and clears the place out. I thought about the scene at the end of Iron Man 2 when Iron Man does his big AoE at the end of the fight with the HammerBots and War Machine is all like "Hey, next time you want to open with that?" I was thinking the same thing, "Hey, Wrath, next time you want to open with that?"

But hey, at least the fight is over.

It wasn’t over.

This massive boss Sha shows up. It took a couple of attempts to realize I had to use the anvils to interrupt his big cast and run around like maniac during the meteor swarm (sort of like avoiding the big splash damage thing the rare Jinyu do).

It was really tough to get to anvils in time. I was specced into Pursuit of Justice which I traded out for Speed of Light to give me an on demand speed boost. I failed several times and I didn’t have a way to repair. I waited for all of my cooldowns to come back up. I switch Divine Purpose to Holy Avenger and blew all my cooldowns right at the start (Avenging Wrath, Guardian, Holy Avenger). It took every trick in my Paladin book. I needed a Bubble, a Lay on Hands, and more Eternal Flames that I can count. Execution Sentence got used offensively and defensive and Guardian of Ancient Kings was out on cooldown. I even cleansed the Blacksmith a couple of times.

Finally, the lance appeared and I ran over and channeled. At the same time, the Sha of Almagamation started a Meteor Storm. He died and the quest completed and then I died.

I rezzed one more time and hoped like hell that was really it.

It was.

I have heard people say you can semi-afk your way to the cloak. I am going to call hogwash on that. Maybe you can semi-afk your way through the LFR parts, but there ain’t no way you are semi-afkin and getting through that scenario successfully.

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