Sunday, November 9, 2014


I went back to the Inn and Wratharion sent me to the Timeless Isle. After we had our little chat, I had two quests: "Secrets of the Timeless Isle" and "The Emperor's Way". I had the coins for "Secrets" as soon as he gave me the quest. But I was once again frustrated when I saw "The Emperor's Way".

On my server, we have a slight faction imbalance. The Timeless Isle is pretty much a Horde zone. Lucky for me, it's a PVE server, but groups for the Celestial's form rarely. In fact, I don't recall seeing an Alliance group on my server since I arrived (not that I was paying real close attention). I thought about checking OpenRaid to see if a group was scheduled there. I figured someone on a more Alliance friendly server might have a group and I could get the achievement done.

Then one of my guild mates told me about the new Group Finder. Apparently, there's a new option called Custom Groups. He told me to pull it up and look for a group doing Celestials.

Great Jumping Jehoshaphat! There it was.

I queued as tank or DPS and got an almost immediate invite as a Tank. All the Horde players around me vanished, and I was standing in pretty much the exact same spot on the Timeless Isle where I had been. I realized I must have been transported to another server. There was a huge group of friendly Alliance faces: Humans, sesssy, sessy Dwarves, Night Elves, Draeani, Gnomes, and even some Worgen. The first Celestial up was the Jade Dragon. We had four tanks and one of the Druids took her and solo tanked it. A bunch of us ended up dying to the Flame Wall, but she was defeated soon after.

A bunch of people left the raid and I feared that might be all I got out of it, but then we started filling up again and soon we were ready to pull. We killed Chi-Ji and the pattern repeated. People dropped and new people came in. We killed Nuizao.

Now, I just had Xuen left. I was the 'senior' tank in the group so Xuen was all mine.

It was a fun fight and he went down without too much trouble.

I had completed "The Emporer's Way".

The new group finder tool might be my favorite new feature of the whole prepatch. I don't know if I could have completed the quest so quickly without it. There were groups for the frogs I keep hearing about and many other things. I might even try to use it for "Share the Love". Clearly, Blizzard is paying attention to things like Open Raid and I'm thrilled they've put them in the game. Now, they need to seriously consider putting in an Open Raid style reputation system.

I flew out to the Seat of Knowledge and met Lorewalker Cho and Wratharion. What happened next was probably one of the coolest moments I've seen in the game in a long time.

Lorewalker started one of this vision stories, except this time it was my Dwarf that was the hero. It showed the entire chain from Mogu'shan Valuts, through Operation: Shieldwall and the Throne of Thunder.

At long last, Wratharion gave me the essence and I used it.


It was the first Legendary I've ever had in World of Warcraft.

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