Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I entered the night with 9 Titan Runestones. I knew Sha of Pride was a guaranteed drop as was Lei Shien, but I knew at some point I would need the "Heart of the Thunder King" from Lei Shien so I didn't want to kill him until I was on that step if I could avoid it.

I opted for the Vale of Eternal Sorrows knowing that it would give me four shots at a Runestone and I was guarenteed at least the drop from Sha. Immereus was a swing and a miss. Here we go I thought, another night of nothing. Then Protectors cooperated and dropped one. With Sha that would be 11, but then, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Norushen dropped one too! Now I knew Sha would give me my 12th as long as we could kill him.

The new patch removed any drama from that event. Healers might be struggling to adjust but tanks appear nigh unkillable and DPS is through the roof.

I flew my happy little dwarf behind back to the Veiled Stair and sure enough, Wratharion gives me the quest to kill Lei Shien for his heart. I queued up for Pinnacle of Storms and apparently the odds were ever in my favor. I was dropped into a group that had just killed the Twins and was pulling through the trash to Lei Shien. We get to Lei Shien only short a tank. After a few moments, I nervously spoke up and offered to tank. Well, I was nervous at home, but I guess no one in the LFR could see that as I typed.

The Monk tank agreed and I switched. I'm not sure I needed to. I don't know if the raids weren't balanced around Resolve or what it was, but the Monk was nigh unkillable even with Decapitate on him. I taunted off on queue, but he grabbed it right back. I watched his health, ready to taunt if he got low but that never happened. We lost a couple of people through the transitions, but in short order I was looting the Heart. I double and then triple checked to make sure I had it before I dropped group.

I hadn't actually gotten too far from the Veiled Stair so it was a short flight back. Wratharion ate or drank the heart, I'm not sure which.

I have no idea who this Final Titan is or how we are supposed to build him or what that has to do with us going to Draenor. I'm worried this will be another of those stores in Warcraft that never comes to conclusion.

Wrath (we are tight now so I call him Wrath) asked me to go with him and talk to the Celestials. I started with the Jade Serpent, then moved on to Xuen, Chi-Ji and Niuzao.

Now came the hard part. I had to decide which challenge to do. I thought that the challenge I chose would determine the kind of cloak I got so I wanted to choose carefully. I'm a Ret Pally now, but I'm still a tank at heart. I've done this entire challenge solo and progression is over. The guild wiped out SoO with me dead most of the night. If they really need me, it will be as a tank.

On top of that, I remembered my experience with the Proving Grounds. When I first came  back, I did some proving grounds to get my head back in the game and remember how to play without affecting other people's play. It took me only two times to get the Tank challenge (Silver). It took me like 8 times to get the DPS challenge (Silver). I never got any higher than that before they shut down. I'm more fluid with the tank.

Off to Niuzao it was.

Maybe the post squish balance wasn't right or maybe I was a bit overgeared from the SoO run, I don't know. All I do know is that after reading up on the challenge on Wowhead, I managed to beat it on my first try.

I returned to Mason's Folly and after a pretty cool cut scene, I had my choice of cloaks. I had been wrong in my assumption and I once again faced the choice of what cloak to get. Since I had already worked it out in my head, I stayed with my decision and grabbed the Oxhorn Bladebreaker.

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B_Dragon said...

From the look of things, it seems you'll definitely be able to snag the legendary cloak, so major grats in advance! I managed to get one each for both my main Paladins, so I'm heading to WoD a happy guy =)