Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Agency

I'm come to something of a fork in the road.

I've been trying to keep the guild stuff on the blog to a minimum. It’s the kind of post where I can too easily say too much. With due caution in mind, let's continue.

When I came back to WoW, the guild I had been in when I left WoW was gracious enough to offer me an invite. Months and months prior to my return, the raid team I had been running with when I left had dissolved and the surviving members got absorbed into another team. That team’s schedule didn't fit well with my schedule and they didn't really have any spots open. The guild had one other team but the tanks were a husband/wife pair who ran the team so if I tank spot came open it would mean something pretty dire had happened to the whole team.

I talked things over with the guild leader and I decided to check out my other options. After a little time, I found a guild that I thought would be a good fit and ran Siege with them a couple of times. I got my title and my heirloom.

After three weeks, that guild has decided that I’m wasn't a good fit for them and they removed me. I’m dealing with all kinds of emotions, but disappoint is the biggest one. I am, however; pretty happy with the way I handled it. I thanked them for the runs and wished them well. Bottom line was that if they didn't think I was a good fit, then I wasn't a good fit.

This situation has sapped much of my enthusiasm for Warlords. I log in now and I feel sort of aimless.

My goal had been to get established in a guild and get ready to make the run up to 100 in Draenor. That is not going to happen.

Door #1: Go Solo - Blast my way up to Level 100 and look for opportunities once I'm there.

Door #2 : Go Searching - Try to find something now and hope it works out when we all get to 100. If you think you have a place I should check out, but you first want the nitty gritty details about why this last guild didn't keep me past my trail, contact me and I'll talk to you privately.

Ideal guild: 2 nights a week, starts 9:30 EST or later, ends by 1:00 am EST, PVE server, Alliance and needs a tank.

Door #3: Go Red - I've heard from some of my old WoW crew and nearly all of them are coming back for Warlords (though not all to the same server - but BTag should solve that). The problem is they are all going Horde. I've always said it would take a remarkable set of people for me to play Horde. My old WoW buddies are a remarkable set of people.

Door #4: Go Dark - Finally, once and for all, get off the train. Don't buy Warlords, cancel the sub and put this hobby in my past.

My free time is what it is. The days of me logging 20 hours a week in game are long gone. Can I get enjoyment out of WoW in less than 10 hours a week ( I’m not talking about less than 10 hours a week raiding, I’m talking about total time logged into the game). I'm pretty sure I can. Is it reasonable to expect I can find a place to play that will let me take on a Tank role with my limited play time? That's harder to answer.

Warlords is days away. I’m not sure what to do.

Let me know if you have any advice for my situation. Thanks.


Jeni Morton said...

Coming from the Red team, I would say go red! Sadly, I know in your heart you are blue. I am sure that there are many teams out there that would love to have you, and with the way raiding has changed, there is no reason why you couldn't be 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd tank, since flex is the new norm. If I were you, I would head for 100, but keep an eye out in groups for good players, and remember their guilds.

Of course, if you were looking for a change, I have a lovely guild on a low pop west coast server. We're a mixed bunch, with east coast and west coast raid times, and tanks are always needed.

I will now go back to lurking :D

Michael Green said...

I say go red too. Tauren fit the honorable paladin ideal. I actually know of a horde raid guild that does 9:30pm-1am EST Friday and Saturday raids. I'm friends with the guild leader. They're very casual and in need of a tank and even a raid leader if that strikes your fancy. Only thing is they're on a PVP server. But the server is 75% horde, so its basically like being on a PVE server.

But if it does come to you going solo Warlords has you covered man. The depth of play in just the garrisons is immense and does allow you to get raid quality gear. Farming rares and world bosses will be another layer of depth. Much of the early questing for the legendary ring doesn't require anything other than dungeon runs. Plus LFR and flexible raids allow you to get in to raids without necessarily needing to be in a guild.

Whatever your choice I wish you good luck sir. I'd hate to lose you from the noble ranks of paladins though.

Tom Crawford said...

Long time follower of this blog. I have always enjoyed your guidance. I used to tank from TBC till LK as a Paladin.

My old guild used to be a 10 man strict and we were number 2 on our server back in the LK days.

We are getting back together and looking for a Tank. We usually raid 9pm est till 11 pm est 2 days a week Mon-Thurs.

If you are interested we are a PVE Alliance Guild on Misha and the Guild is Harvesters of Sorrow. We all have been playing since TBC and most of us except me had quit playing at the LK. We are all back now but lacking a tank.

My battle tag ID is venom88#1964.