Monday, November 17, 2014

My Warlords Weekend

I had heard about the issues and the DDoS attack on Thursday during the day and didn't even try to log on Thursday night. I did try Friday and found myself in a huge queue. After five hours, it was after midnight and I called it a night. This repeated on Saturday and I opted to not even try again on Sunday.

I haven't even stepped through the Dark Portal yet. There's a feeling of everyone else being at a cool party, but I'm stuck outside. After being behind the curve for the last month or so, I was really looking forward to being current again. Now, most of my friends are already Level 100 and doing group stuff.

I decided my best bet would be to go Team Red and faction switch. All my old WoW friends are now Horde and when I look back on it, I've spent a good chunk of my in game life as a Horde toon. I had originally decided to stay on Zul'jin and work out the guild thing at 100, but with the queues the way they are, I'm thinking the smarter move would be to transfer off. 


BigFire said...

Actually didn't encounter queue on a rather high population server today. What defeated me today is the character not found boss after I got out of an dungeon instance.

Michael Green said...

I know that feel sir. I took time off work to grind it out. Lucky I did or I'd be in the same boat. I had time to sit in queue when I needed to and got to 100. Queues are better now.

And on another note, way to go, Tauren Paladin for life!!!!

Bill D said...

I haven't encountered any queues on Windrunner, but I have been disconnected a few times.