Monday, December 22, 2014

Ding! Level 100

As with all my Warlords posts, spoilers abound. I assume everyone has already completed this content so it isn't a huge deal.

Unlike other zones where you establish your Outpost and then get a turn in for a set of plans at the end of a long, zone wide quest chain, in Nagrand, you get the plans after a relatively short quest chain with Lantestor the Blade.

I enjoyed his quest line in Burning Crusade and it was fun to see this guy again on Draenor. It was even cooler when he offered to be a follower. I opted for the Corral, even though I really loved the idea of the Tankworks. From what I had heard, the siege engine you get from the Tankworks isn't that powerful and the speed boost from the always on mount is nice even if it does look a bit silly at times.

I've recently found the addon Garrison Mission Manager which help you build teams to go on missions. It has been a big help putting my missions together.

I did the quests at the Ring of Blood and didn'thave too much trouble except for the last one. The boss hits you with a blind on short timer. I came close to dying but a quick Lay on Hands stabilized me long enough to figure out I could out range the attack. It became a bit of a stick and move that melee have to do some times. Run, get a few hits and run out of range.

The storyline in the zone picked up when I got summoned to the Throne of Elements. This is another area I remembered from Burning Crusade. It became one of the chief farming spots for crafting reagents. I completed the first set of quests and I was really getting into the story. Gul’dan is up to his old tricks and as soon as I heard ‘weakening in the bonds that hold the world together’ I knew we would be fighting to stop Gul’dan from blowing up THIS Draenor like he destroyed the original. I was really surprised to see the Naaru. I didn’t think the Naaru showed up to Outland until it got blown up.

About halfway through the zone, I finally hit Level 100! Yeah. It only took me a month. I was a little disappointed no one in guild chat said anything, but they were all busy in Highmaul and I’m still not well known. I don’t know what I’m doing long-term guild wise. The plan was to get to 100 and figure it out. Well, half of that is done.

I went back to my Garrison. One advantage to having taken as long as I did was I already had all the Garrison Resources I needed to upgrade to level 3. I built a Barn, Stables, and an Alchemy lab. My final Garrison looks like this: Gem Boutique, Salvage Yard, Alchemy Lab, Trading Post, Barn, War Mill, and Stables.

I’d like to finish Nagrand to see what happens in the story, but I also need to start gearing up. I’m sitting at 604 iLevel and I need to get that up to 615 to do the Anniversary stuff and LFR. I also need to do the Proving Grounds scenario so I can queue for Heroics.

Blizzard did a great job with the Level 90 to 100 content. I've had a great time leveling up, but now a new game begins.

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Talarian said...

I've found if you're lacking gear to hit heroics (610), you actually can manage that via questing in Nagrand, ESPECIALLY if you have a bunker for the gear upgrades. So go finish Nagrand :)