Monday, December 29, 2014

Finishing Nagrand

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I spent a few days surrounded by people who fill my heart with joy. I hope you did the same.

As with all my Warlords posts, spoilers abound. I assume everyone has already completed this content so it isn't a huge deal.

Back in Azeroth, or more accurately, Draenor, I only had a few quests left in Nagrand. One of the first ones I did was for little Mankik. I was tasked with finding Makrik's girlfriend. Of course I was.

Well played, Blizzard. Well played.

The last quest I had was the assault on the Grommashar. It was another single player scenario and it put a wonderful cap on the initial story for Warlords.

I joined with Durotan and Aggra and made the march into Grommashar itself. The only problem I had was with the wolf packs. They can take you down in short order. I found it better to single target them down rather than AoE. After the initial attack, I was standing with Durotan facing down Garrosh Hellscream. There would be no Varian Wrynn to stop JUSTICE this time.

The only problem? Garrosh kicked our ever loving butts and who had to come save the day? Thrall. I get that he's a major lore character, but from the very bbeginningof the expansion when it was the Khadgar show to the end with Thrall taking over, its felt like my character has been a bit actor rather than a major part of the show.

That minor complain aside, the completion of the Mok'gora between Thrall and Garrosh was truly an epic fight. It had all of the history between them. A nice added touch was that it happened at the Stone of Prophecy where Thrall chose Garrosh to be the new Warchief in the first place. Garrosh pulled the old Joker line ('you made me what I am'). I also love how Garrosh insulted Thrall's strength but Thrall reminded Garrosh that the power of the elements is greater than pure strength.

I was left in something a stunned silence when the fight ended.

It was over. Garrosh, destoryer of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and the Scourge of Theramore, was truly dead. Although  there was no greater price that could be exacted from him, and no greater assurance he wouldn't commit more crimes in the future, in a way, I still feel like his punishment doesn't compare to the pain and destruction he caused both in the Vale and even moreso at Theramore. Somehow, it still felt like a hallow victory.

I turned in the final quests and unsure of where to go next, went back to my Garrison. I felt a bit at loose ends. I've replaced every single piece of Siege of Orgrimaar gear except for my Garrosh Heirloom and my legendary cloak. With the reward from the final Nagrand quests, and some nice upgrade procs from my War Mill, I boosted my iLevel to 610. I can queue for Normals and Heroics but not for LFR or Molten Core. I'm not sure it would be such a great idea to queue for Heroics as a Tank when I make the absolute minimum requirement.

I'm still working out my guild situation.I know what I'm looking for, but I haven't found it yet. It would probably make sense to boost my iLevel a little bit before I start seriously looking for a home.

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