Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Genuflect in Gorgrond

I found a tunnel through the landslide Drek’thar had brought down and made my way to Gorgrond. The questing here was good and I really liked the introduction of the Botani. They are a new twist on the undead and I liked the quest lines surrounding them. At one point, I found a Genesaur fighting what looked like some kind of rock creature.

I never did find out who they were or why they were having a battle. The elephants were dancing and I wanted to be sure I wasn't around when they stopped.

I chose the Lumber Mill Outpost instead of the Sparring Arena. The Sparring Arena sounded like it was connected to the PVP centric Gladiator’s Sanctum. Me and PVP don’t get along anymore. Actually, we get along just fine. It stays over there on PVP servers and Battlegrounds. I stay over here on PVE servers and Raids.

Working with the Laughing Skull felt really weird and I like how Draka was waiting the whole time for the "sudden but inevitable betrayal" that never came. I also really liked working with Penny. She is a great character and I’m excited that she is now one of my followers.

I’m slowly starting to replace my Mists gear. I do have a hard time letting go of gear once I get it. I never know when some quest reward will be really good for a transmog I want to put together, especially the belts, backs and boots. Those are always the hardest pieces, but it’s turned me into Horder’s : Warcraft Edition.

Gorgrond ended in another single player scenario where my two companions for much of the Gorgrond story, Draka and Kaz faced off against General Gog and one of the Sons of Gruul. If I don’t miss my guess that Son of Gruul was a world boss in Burning Crusade who patroled around Oshu’gun in Nagrand. It was another “repel the waves” kind of assault and I struggled a bit. The Iron Horde strapped a huge Gattling Gun on the back of the Son of Gruul and I got caught in it. I loved how you used the Genesaur artifact you chased through the entire zone to give you an edge during the final assault. I’m really enjoying these set pieces to conclude the zone story. If they want to do that for every zone in Warlords I would not complain. Nope, not one little bit. (My son's favorite new bedstory is Cat in the Hat).

I still have a couple of quest lines to finish in Gorgrond but I've finished the main story line. Part of me wants to be all completionist, but the teaser for the next zone of Talador mentioned going to Shattrah. I have a warm place in my cold heart for Shattrah which became my online home during Burning Crusade. The Aldor are probably there, but there won’t be, or at least there shouldn’t be any Scryers. I really want to see Shattrah of Draenor. Maybe I can leave those unfinished quest lines for an alt.

I finished the night at hitting Level 94.

My second Draenor perk was Enhanced Hand of Sacrifice. Of course my first one was Enhanced Forbearance. Weeeee. I’m actually considering doing some Prot leveling to see how it goes, especially if I can score a Glyph of the Consecrator. I have no idea if it’s close to Retrubution leveling. I’m sure I’ll still gaze at Gladiator Stance Warrior with green eyed envy.

The Garrison is pumping along pretty well. I’m sending out my followers on missions via the Barracks so often that some of them might get to Level 100 before I do. I finally figured out that I was supposed to use the Draenic stone I've been gathering from mining for work orders at the mine. Oops.

I don’t use any Work Orders at the Enchanter’s Study. I barely have any dust since BoEs aren’t dropping as much as I remember in previous expansions and they took out the simple green crafts from Jewelcrafting. The toy is the only thing I've crafted with Jewelcrafting thus far. The one neck I could use needs like 100 Taladrite crystals. Yikes! That is going to take weeks of work orders.

Onward to Shattrah. I can't wait to see the place.

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