Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's Only Money

Happy New Year's Eve! Please stay safe out on the roads tonight. I want you to be able to enjoy my adventures in the new year.

Standard Disclaimer: As with all my Warlords posts, spoilers abound. I assume everyone has already completed this content so it isn't a huge deal.

Ring Thing

I had started the chain to get my legendary ring and like the Mists of Pandaria legendary, you get a lesser epic to start with. I needed to loot a Pure Solium Band from High Sage Viryx, the end boss of the Skyreach dungeon. I could get it from Normal or Heroic and I figured Normal was the safer bet to PUG. 

I queued up and as soon as I got in I told the group this was my first time in the instance. I was surprised when one of the DPS said it was their first time as well. I was a little nervous, but it turned out I didn't need to be. For the most part the bosses were fairly easy. Some of the trash pull got a little hairy, especially as we neared the end of the dungeon, but some timely cooldowns from both myself and the healer and we made it through. I think the DPS Death Knight might have died once or twice, but he's melee DPS and dying is sort of what they do.

I really enjoyed the High Sage Viryx fight. It has an element similar to the Lich King fight where an arakkoa will swoop down and grab one of the party member and fly them slowly off the edge of the platform. I was specced into Fist of Justice and the cool down lined up such that I had a stun ready for each and every time the arakkoa swooped down. That gave the DPS a great head start and we never came close to loosing anyone over the edge.

I looted the Pure Solium Band and returned to Khadgar. He forged my Solium Band of Endurance. A 640 ring boosted my iLevel to 612, still short of my target.

I looked over my toon and saw that my boots were my weakest piece at 595. I did a little research and thanks to found that a Rare mob in Nagrand named Brutag Grimblade dropped a pair of 620 boots. I decided we should get to know each other, or at least Grimblade should become acquainted with the business end of my axe.

He didn't pose much of a challenge, but he was also feeling stingy and didn't give up his boots.


However, when I got back to my Garrison, I had a mission waiting that would award 615 boots.

I equipped those and it put me at 614. Ugh! I was really getting antsy at this point. So freaking close, and Molten Core closing this week. It's a guarenteed 640 hat and a mount.

That's when I saw a guy advertising that he was selling at Knight's Badge. It's a 640 trinket and it can be upgraded all the way to 670 with Savage Blood. I've got a Level 2 Barn and I'm working on the Achievement for the Level 3 blueprints.

I knew the Trinket would put me over my 615 iLevel goal, but he was asking 4500g. I don't know about you, but that's a nice chunk of change to ole Hammer. It wouldn't be if I didn't have my money scattered over 3 toons and 3 different servers. I really need to settle this guild thing so I can get my team back together on one realm or Blizzard needs to take Connected Realms and go crazy. Don't connect two realms, connect like all of them.

I decided to checked the Auction House to see if this guy was offering a decent price and the cheapest Knight's Badge on there was 5500g. I'm on a smaller server now so supply isn't as high as it would have been on Zul'jin or even Azuremyst. Go go RP server.

I channeled my inner Tony, Clint, and Yummy.

If you have no idea who that is, Google "Down East Dickering".

Anyway, I started by offering 4000. I didn't want to insult the guy but I needed to see if there was any room to manuever. He was advertising all the cards so he must have a nice Inscription business going and he's probably still rolling in dough from Glyphmas. He balked and didn't offer a counter. That's not an encouraging sign. I stepped up to 4250. Honestly, if he had said no at that point, I would have paid the 4500 because I really wanted to get over the hump, but he said OK and took the 4250. We made the trade in Warspear and it put me up to 617. 

It put a hurting on the my bank account, but I can make more gold for the whole rest of the expansion.

It's only money, right?


Balkoth said...

Not sure what professions you have, but you should be able to make 500g+ a day from just the daily cooldown of a single profession. So you'll have made the money back in less than two weeks with basically no effort.

Ted Atchley said...

I'm a jc. What is this daily cooldown I can make?

Balkoth said...

Taladite Crystals. You'll get 4 at 1 skill and 10 at 700 skill, scaling between those points. You can make jewelry with 100 Crystals and sell it for 6kish or make Greater gems with 50 Crystals and sell them for 3kish.