Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quest for 615

As with all my Warlords posts, spoilers abound. I assume everyone has already completed this content so it isn't a huge deal.

When I hit 100, my iLevel was 604. This was too low for the 10th Anniversary Molten Core run or queuing for heroics.

I crafted a neck from Jewelcrafting, the Glowing Pendant, a 640 epic that can be upgraded even further. It took almost every Taladrite crystal I had made up to this point, but with my Gem Boutique at Level 2 and Olim working it, I should have my supplied restocked soon.

I knew I would have to complete the Proving Grounds if I wanted to queue for Heroics. I talked to my general in my Garrisons and was whisked away back to Pandaria. The Proving Grounds had indeed been updated to Level 100, but they were essentially the same fights as before. My performance didn't change much. I one shot the Bronze trials for Tank and DPS easily and knocked out the Tank Silver in one shot as well. But the DPS trial took me three tries to get it down. Tanking and DPSing are pretty similar. You do the same sorts of things (avoid the bad, target switch, move, etc.) Why the DPS proved more difficult to me than the Tank one I'm not sure, but I was able to get both DPS and Tank trials completed. I would love to have a 3rd spec to keep a Holy spec going, but until Blizzard lets Paladins DPS in Prot spec like Gladiator Stance Warriors, I'll keep my Prot/Ret specs going.

My next idea was to continue questing in Nagrand. I was really getting into the story and I was hopeful my War Mill might upgrade the item level of the rewards. This actually worked when the 587 green Plainsthunder Legguards turned into a 617 epic. I like how the zone is introducing some the characters we'll see in the Highmaul raid. It gives us a history with them that makes them more than loot pinatas to open up.

After the cut scene tease, it was fun to go to Oshu'gun and see the inside. You never could go into Oshu'gun in Burning Crusade. We really are watching the events unfold that shattered the original Draenor into Outland, only this time, we are there to stop them. Gul'dan didn't open portals to other worlds, he opened more portals than he realized to the Twisting Nether. Those portals grew and grew until they let in some of the largest and most power lords of the Burning Legion.

When I got to the central chamber, K'ure turned into the void god Decimatus. I was a little taken aback that Drek'thar and I were able to defeat him. M'uru's void god form Entropius was a Raid Boss in Burning Crusade, but then again, if I went back to Sunwell right now, I could solo Entropius as easily as I did Decimatus.

After I finished with Oshu'gun, I got an invite from my old raid leader to help him and other former raid buddy out with an invasion at his Garrison. The invasion was pretty crazy, but I had a blast. We got 857 points, but the bags we received did not have any gear. It was so much fun to playing again alongside my old raid leader and one of our best healers. This was a big part of why I went Horde. Even though our schedules don't mesh for raids anymore, we can still do crossrealm stuff like this.

I finished the night at iLevel 608 still short of the 615 I need.


Pallais said...

Yes, you could (and still can) go into Oshu'gun. There's even a Horde quest that takes you inside to meet the Naaru that's entombed there.

Therigwin said...

Don't forget to go picking up the random loot on the ground and maybe farm the rares. That is how I got myself up along with my garrison followers getting me some 615 gear.

Michael Green said...

I think I bought trinkets from the frostwolf vendor in ashran for a 615 trinket. Then went and did some normals for the last few pieces of gear to get me up for heroic dungeons. This was all pre LFR though. Now I'm not sure I'd even bother with heroics and just jump in to LFR as soon as feasible for the free 640 loot.

Kadomi said...

You can so totally enter Oshu'gun in Outlands Nagrand. There was an enormously long quest chain bringing Thrall to Nagrand to show Garrosh how Grommash Hellscream died fighting Mannoroth. It involved meeting the fallen Naaru inside Oshu'gun.

As for your gear, definitely farm the rares in Nagrand. I highly recommend buying either one of the treasure maps in Warspear or getting HandyNotes to show you the location of all treasures and rares, including a listing of their reward. Killing rares and finding treasures will get you much needed garrison resources too.

Ted Atchley said...

I wonder if the Oshugun quest was a Horde only quest. I was Alliance for Burning Crusade. Maybe I need to go back on my Horde toon and see if I can find the chain. It sounds pretty interesting.