Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back to Ko'ragh

I'm a little behind in posting. I've got the next 6 days worth of posts written so what you are seeing is actually stuff that happened last week. I'm going to post over the weekend to try to get caught up even though not many people stop by those days.

Hammer Log 20 January 2015

The next week I started back with Café Soma. They've got about 6 guys (or gals, ya never know) who are consistently showing up for their raids and the rest are pugged off Open Raid or the in-game Looking For Group tool. We blew through the first 5 bosses with little issue and before long we were standing before Ko’ragh again. They had run over the weekend and developed a new strategy. We kited Ko’ragh around the edge of the circle on the floor in his room and ranged followed us. It made it easier to deal with the void zones.

We also had a better composition this time around with more magical DPS. The Brewmaster did a great job of picking up the adds and we waited until we had almost of them out before we started killing them. The new strategy worked well and soon Ko’ragh was visiting his personal spirit healer.

It was getting late and we didn’t have time to try High Imperator. As the group decided what to do, I could sense some frustration at my schedule. I’m completely dictating their schedule at this point. They can’t start earlier because I can’t get on any earlier and they can’t go later because I can’t go later, but there isn't much I can do about it.

We decided we didn't have time to try Heroic Kargath. We all exited the instance so we could change the difficulty. It was at this point that Kil’jaden decided to remind Café Soma what a PVP server is. Apparently an ambitious group of Alliance had taken over the entrance to Highmaul. As soon as we exited, we all died. I was having memories of the Karazhan stone on Altar of Storms, and the death run to MC on Dark Iron.

I have to hand it to these Allies. It was a really impressive display of keeping Horde from the entrance: Death Knight gripping, Hunters trapping, Druids cycloning. Kil'jaden is a majority Horde server, overwhelmingly so, but this group of Alliance had managed to take over Highmaul. It doesn't matter how much your PVP server is 'virtually a PVE server', its still a PVP server.

The Raid Leader reset the instance to Heroic and we corpse hopped back in. My run was relatively short thanks to my trusty Bubble and Speed of Light getting me out of a Mass Dispel. I might live on an RP server these days but I was raised on PVP servers like Dark Iron and AoS. One of our group members had been teleported back to his Garrison when he left the instance so it took him a little longer to get back. The Alliance had secured the flight points as well.

Eventually, we got everyone back in and cleared our way to Heroic Kargath. The delay ate up any remaining time we had left, but I agreed to stay so we could attempt him. I would pay for it the next morning.

I was surprised that Heroic wasn’t that different than Normal. One of our guys messed up the Chain Hurl and replaced the Healer who was supposed to go up. Without heals, the Chain group had to jump down immediately. That puts us behind and we never seemed to be able to catch back up. We started losing people and the raid leader called for everyone to go pet a kitty (jump in the tiger pits). After the wipe, we regrouped and pulled again. This time was smoother and we downed him.

I’m now 6/7N 1/7H. Woot for progress.

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