Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making Accomodations

On the raiding front, I had sent a message to the guys from Open Raid (Cafe Soma) explaining why I wasn’t going to sign up for raids the following week (or ever again really). I’ve always heard Raid Leaders and Guild Leaders talk about how they like to know why people left. I explained about the PVP server issue and that they simply ran too late for me to continue running with them. I was hurting the next day after I stayed up late with them.

The next reset I ran with a different group. These guys were on a PVE server and I could tell as soon as I got into their vent, it was going to be a different experience. You could tell they were comfortable with each other and everyone was really friendly. I was given a tank role with a Druid and off we went. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well at first, and we wiped 2 or 3 times on Normal Kargath. The Druid tank switched over to heals and we brought in someone’s friend who had a well geared Tankadin. We one-shot Kargath on the next pull. It amazing what tanks can do. It's like we focus the entire raid, and I could tell from Skada that everyone had raised their DPS about 2k from the last wipe attempt to the kill.

We continued on and two shot Butcher before trying Tectus. Tectus was still at 30% during the first Upheaval stage and the raid leader determined we didn’t have the DPS to kill him. A week after going 5/7, I went 2/7.

Two of the DPS in the raid weren’t hitting 10k. I figured we must be taking some undergeared friends (which would have been totally cool with me), but I was curious and inspected one of them. I saw they were at least 640 iLevel. I can’t imagine how they couldn’t be doing at least 10k with that iLevel. I did 12k to 14k on my first Highmaul run at iLevel 633 and I do 10k DPS soloing as Protection. Other than the group assessment that we didn’t collectively have the DPS no one made specific mention of the two low DPS. Now, maybe something was said privately, or they expected them to realize where their DPS was for themselves. When I struggled as a Hunter on Council of Elders, I knew my DPS was a problem without anyone telling me, but the vibe I got from their vent tells me that probably wasn’t happening.

I had planned to solider on and give the group another go the following reset, but the next day, I got a message from the guys in Cafe Soma. They were willing to move their raid start times to accommodate my schedule. I was really floored. I felt like I really should give them another shot since they were going out of their way to work with my schedule. Sure, the PVP server thing is still going to be an issue if they ever want to go Mythic, but I guess I’ll just have to burn that bridge when I get there.

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Michael Green said...

That's great news about that open raid guild. It's very cool that they are pleased with your performance so much that they are willing to change their raid times for you. I hope this is a group that you can progress with throughout the expansion. And even though it's a pvp server depending on the server it may be so lopsided in horde favor that it may as well be a PVE server.