Friday, January 16, 2015

More Hotfixins for Tankadins

January 15 
Class Paladin
Reduced the damage of Seal of Truth for Protection Paladins by 80%. Protection Paladins should primarily use Seal of Insight for defensive value.
[Currently in Testing]Seraphim now grants 750 of each stat for Protection Paladins (down from 1000).

Double post today becuase this is what happens when I've scheduled a post and the Developers put out a bit of news.

I read the statement "Protection Paladins should primarily use Seal of Insight for defensive value." as basically the developers saying that Protection Paladins should always be using Seal of Insight. Okay, that's fine, but if Seals aren't supposed to be a choice, then why not just make them passives. Prot and Holy get Seal of Insight. Retribution gets Seal of Truth.

The Seraphim change is still in testing but maybe its related to the Haste change, which in retrospec seems like a strange change to make via Hotfix. Changing the value of Haste was bound to cause some balancing problems and probably should have gone into a Patch / PTR cycle rather than a Hotfix.

Theck has run his numbers and come to these conclusions.

Sera still top for DPS, but by a much smaller margin. Sera and HS are pretty much equivalent for survivability. You can probably still pull crazy DPS theatrics by lining up procs with Sera/HA, just not quite as crazy as before. Don't trust the ES results there, since it's still twisting all three seals (and we might not want to twist SoT now - need more testing). Regarding SoT/SoR: They basically just halved the DPS gain of giving up SoI (since you can still take SoR). Presumably this was to make SoI more attractive. Most of you will just swap to SoR, I suspect.

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