Friday, January 16, 2015

Paladin Loot Specialization in LFR

I’m looking at how I want to set up my Loot Specialization when I run LFR. I’m trying to build the best tanking set I can while also amassing decent offsets for both Retribution and Holy. Clearly, I’m an ambitious guy.

The loot table in LFR is different from the loot table in Normal/Heroic/Mythic. If the guild I eventually land in runs Personal loot, I’ll have to figure out what to run in those as well. I've been running as an OpenRaid PUG with Casa Soma the last two weeks as a tank. They run Personal loot and I've set Protection as my Loot spec on those runs.

You could do this ingame through the Dungeon Journal but I like researching it ahead of time.

I used Wowhead to look over the LFR loot tables. Head, Shoulders, Feet, Bracers, Legs, Chest, Hands, and Belt are easy. Those pieces are universal. They will be on your loot table regardless of your chosen specialization. One of the new features in Warlords is that plate gear has both Strength and Intellect on it, but the Intellect and Strength trade depending on your spec. When you are Holy, the piece has Intellect and no Strength. When you are Ret or Prot, it has Strength and no Intellect.

Belt is a little more difficult than the other universal pieces because as far as I can tell no plate belts drop in LFR. That seems like an oversight on the part of the developers. Thank the RNG that I got one from Normal Brackenspore.

The three specs do value the secondary stats differently. Prot loves Bonus Armor and Haste. Ret wants Mastery and Crit. Holy is more about Crit and Haste. If you are at the point where LFR gear is still an upgrade, the iLevel and core stats (stamina, intellect, strength) will more than make up for any difference in the secondary stats.

Jewelry (Trinkets, Rings), Cloaks, weapons, and shields do not get shared, nor do they have intellect and strength on them. It works the same as in older expansions. Those have to be sought individually.

Kargath. Run with the Protection loot specification. That gives you a roll on everything in his loot table. He has a Cloak (Prot only) and a Ring (Prot or Ret).

Butcher has a Prot Cloak and a 1 hander. If you have those slots covered, you can switch to Holy and get the trinket and ring he has.

Brackenspore. Run Prot for a neck or Holy for a trinket.

Tectus. His table is loaded with Holy goodies (weapon, cloak, and neck). Prot or Ret only gives you a shot at a trinket.

Twins. A Prot ring is all you can get. If you go Holy there is a trinket and a neck.

Ko’ragh. This is the tough one. This is Ret’s only shot at a weapon in the instance. Holy gets a cloak. Prot gets a trinket.

Imperator. He drops the tank shield and a neck. If you have those covered Holy can get a cloak or a ring.

For my purposes, it goes something like this.

  • Kargarth (Prot)
  • Butcher (Prot)
  • Brackenspore (Holy – I already have a 640 neck from Jewelcrafting)
  • Tectus (Holy – too many good drops for Holy and I bought the crafted trinket for Prot)
  • Twins (probably Holy – I have the quest ring and I can craft a 640 with JC for my 3rd and final crafted item)
  • Ko’ragh (Ret until I get the 2 hander – Tectus supplies another shot at a Holy cloak. Once I get the 2 hander, I can go after the Prot trinket)
  • Imperator (Prot – gotta get that shield)

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