Friday, January 30, 2015

The High Imperator

Hammer Log 22 January 2015

The next raid night, we made the decision to go after High Imperator Mar'gok instead of working on other Heroic bosses. The week we went 5/7, the group had returned on the weekend and gotten some work on High Imperator with a PuG tank and had gotten to Phase 4. I was new to the fight and it took me a couple of pulls to learn all the mechanics.

The fight is pretty crazy. I had to keep track of Mar'gok's Accelerated Stacks and taunt when they got too high. We were using 8 as our benchmark. I also had to watch the cooldown on Mark of Chaos because the Monk was supposed to have him each Mark and then I was to immediately taunt him back. When we got to Phase 3, I had to move halfway between our two tanking positions right before the cast so I could taunt, run to the new position away from the Brewmaster and setup shop again.

It took me a couple of attempts to get a good feel of everything. You can read all the strats in the world and watch all the videos you can, but there's nothing like doing the fight for yourself.

Basically, we messed up the fight in just about every way imaginable. It took me a couple of attempts to get a feel for the taunt rotation and we let his Accelerated Stacks get too high. I had him for one of the Marks and melee didn't run out before I blew up. We stepped on mines. Our melee would run too close to the Branded group avoiding a mine and that would bring Branded back into melee and its stacks got too high. Sometimes, Mar'gok would stop on his way to me to cast something and the melee tunneled in and didn't keep moving. When the Brewmaster blew up, they went with him.

After the third time our hunter stepped on a mine, the raid leader told him 'no more warnings'. I wasn't sure if he was threatening to kick the guy or what. I'm torn. I don't like the whole 'mess up and you're out' kind of raid leading, but then again I don't like wiping all night to the same mechanic either.

The main problem seemed to be that we were slow on killing the Ogres in Phase 2 and we had adds up as Phase 3 began. Then when the AoE damage started going out in Phase 3 it was too much.

We never got past Phase 3 all night. I don't know if we need more gear or more practice or what. I don't want to read too much into them getting to Phase 4 before with a different tank, although that concerns me. So much can change night to night when half the raid is a PuG. Mar'gok is a long fight which limited how many attempts we could get it in and again my schedule proved problematic.

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